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The Perus-Pirapora Railway 1977 - Part 1
Shed and Yard

James Waite  first visited the railway back on 16th September 1977 and these pictures give a flavour of its operation then. There are a number of reports and articles on the Perus-Pirapora Railway on this website if you want to know more:

The Preservation Society (IFPCC) would greatly appreciate receiving pictures of the railway from visitors who photographed it before closure. Please send an email to the following address (not a link, you will have to retype it): Any images used on their website will naturally carry an acknowledgement as to their source. 

More details of the locomotives shown can be found in the list on the linked page above.

2-4-2ST 3 on shed at Gato Preto, in the background are 6 and 17.

2-6-2 6 awaiting repair at Gato Preto

2-4-0 17 receives attention at Gato Preto. Judging by the number of people standing around scratching their heads it must have been causing problems.

2-4-2ST 1 dumped at Gato Preto. It's still there and in much the same state now.

2-4-2ST 3 was later used for shunting in Gato Preto yard.

The dead line at Cajamar. Nearest the camera is 5 "Sao Paulo", the Hohenzollern 0-4-0T, then Krauss 0-6-0T 6 and 2-6-0 13.

5's name and works plate (left two) and the works plate from 2-6-2T 9.

The de-engined railbus in the dead line at Cajamar.

OK 0-4-2T 8 on its plinth outside the manager's office at Cajamar. (Today it's back in action at Corredor.)

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Rob Dickinson