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Preserved Steam in Argentina Part 3

Marcelo Benoit, Uruguayan Railfan Association has provided a third series of pictures of preserved steam locomotives in the country. Click here for the first series or second series.

This is a 750mm gauge Krauss 0-6-0T (5998/1908) at "Salitrera La Aurora", near Bahía Blanca.


There are two 0-10-0 700mm gauge locomotives owned by a private collector, from "Ingenio Ledesma" (Jujuy), numbered 16 and 18. They are Henschels (28454 and 28456/1948). To me the 'cover' for the 5th axle shows it to be a Luttermöller. However, the owner Jorge Garreta Mendoza writes (22nd March 2002) "I note that a picture taken by Marcelo Benoit at my home in Buenos Aires is identified as a Luttermöller system. Not so, it is a Klien Lidner Achsiger system. The system closed around 1991 with some services still running during 1992. N° 18 locomotive shown in picture was named "La veloz Paulina" and was last steamed in Jujuy in 1992 and in Buenos Aires in 2000. You could see N° 16 named 'N° 16' on the left. On the right you can see a Whitcomb diesel locomotive and a OME 117 Deutz diesel locomotive. All are for sale, as an impending eyesight surgical operation is needed by me, and this operation is both complex and costly. If you need more data on this or any other fact, don't hesitate to write." You can contact him through ()

(Note added 9th March 2009, in an article about "Ingenio Ledesma", Daniel Thomas also says these are Luttermöllers - see Jorge has now again emailed me to say that he was wrong and these are indeed Luttermöllers, 29th August 2012. RD

Henschel Luttermöller

Rob Dickinson