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Preserved Steam in Argentina Part 1

Marcelo Benoit, Uruguayan Railfan Association has provided a series of pictures of preserved steam locomotives in the country. Click here for the second part.

He kicks off with the first locomotive of Argentina at Lujan museum, La Porteña.

La Porteña

La Porteña

0-4-0 193 is a 750mm gauge Couillet from 1886 named "Cordova". It´s placed in the track workshops of Campana, last stop before Zarate in the Buenos Aires-Rosario main line. (21st March 1997)

0-4-0 193

0-4-0WT X5A is a 600mm gauge Orenstein & Koppel from 1910. Placed at the Once terminus in Buenos Aires. (20th April 1995)

0-4-0WT X5A

0-6-0ST L5 is a standard gauge Hudswell built in 1908. It is at Urquiza Park at Paraná (prototype of steam Maglev?). (25th August 1997)

0-6-0ST L5

0-6-0T Puerto de Santa Fe is a metre gauge Orenstein & Koppel built in 1929. (with buffers also for broad gauge) Owned by Santa Fe port, now in a playground in Santa Fe near the station. (25th August 1997)

Santa Fe 0-6-0T

Broad gauge 0-8-0T (Borsig 1907) and  4-8-4T (Armstrong Whitworth 1927) are at Campana workshops. They are owned by Museo Nacional Ferroviario (!). Broad gauge. (31st March 1997)

La Porteña

0-8-0WT 667 is a 600mm gauge Orenstein and Koppel of 1912 placed at Paraná station. (25th August 1997)

0-8-0WT 667

0-8-0WT 667

2100 3005 is a standard gauge Henschel from 1952, at present at Lynch workshops of Ferroclub Argentino. (26th August 1995)

2100 3005

Broad gauge 2-6-0 7B 3096, Beyer Peacock 1901 is in front of Carmen de Patagones station (without passenger services since 1995), (22nd March 1997)

2-6-0 7B 3096

2-6-0 A 11 is in working order. In the photo with the Ferroclub Argentino Sunday train from Federico Lacroze terminus at Buenos Aires to Fatima. Neilson 1888, named "Yatay". (26th March 1995)

2-6-0 A 11

Broad gauge 2-6-2T 2803 (Beyer Peacock 1906) and 2-8-2T 907 (Robert Stephenson 1912) at Campana workshops. These locos are also preserved by Museo Nacional Ferroviario (!). 21st March 1997)

2803 and 907

2803 and 907

Broad gauge 2-8-0 11B 4116 (Beyer Peacock 1913) was a stationary boiler when the photo was taken. Afterwards, it was rescued and restored by Ferroclub Argentino. At present in working order. (21st July 1991)

2-8-0 11B 4116

This is the same loco in working order (picture from Roberto J Yommi):

2-8-0 11B 4116

Broad gauge 2-8-0 I 121 (North British, 1912) is in working order and owned by the Buenos Aires al Pacifico Railway. Here at the Santos Lugares yard at Buenos Aires (it´s based at Palmira depot). (28th March 1997)

2-8-0 I 121

Broad gauge 4-6-0 12A (North British 1906?) is a bit of a mystery loco. Its works number is unknown, it has the plates of another loco (3814). It´s really badly placed for photography at Bahia Blanca station. (22nd March 1997)

4-6-0 12A

Broad gauge 4-6-0 12G is placed in front of Lujan station. Rebuilt by Ferrocarril Sud in 1938, named "Yaguar"..(24th March 1997)

4-6-0 12G

4-6-2 B54 607 (Maffei 1910) is at Rafaela metre gauge station, at present owned by the Asociacion de Ferromodelistas y Amigos del Ferrocarril de Rafaela. They also have a Ganz Mávag railcar, several passenger cars and two gang trolleys. Which these two trolleys they made promenade trips over the metre gauge line that is out of service at present. They restored the railcar and are planning to restore the 607. (24th August 1997)

 B54 607

4-6-2 PS8 118 (North British, 1914) is being restored by this association, and is placed as monument near the broad gauge station in Rafaela. (25th August 1997)

 4-6-2 PS8 118

Rob Dickinson