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Argentine Steam 2011 Part 1

This is the first part of Fabrice Lanou's 2011 visit and covers the Esquel Railway. Click here for the second part which covers other steam including the 'Train at the End of the World'.

A video from Francois Cottebrune showing the derailment is now available - (28th June 2011).. 

April 21st

The monthly steam special Ingeniero Jacobacci - Ojos de Agua was cancelled due to lack of reservation. We visited shed/workshop.

Here Baldwin Mikado # 3 was serviceable for steam specials. Mikado Baldwin # 19 and Henschel # 104 was under repair. Outside we saw a Henschel (#?) and Henschel # 139 is preserved near the crossroads in town.

April 22nd

We chased Baldwin Mikado # 1 from El Maiten to Desvio Thomae where a station and a triangle were built recently. The Mikado then pushed the train up to the bridge on Rio Chubut river located some short way to the north of the station. The passengers took their photos and then the train went directly to Desvio Thomae where the locomotive used the triangle.

Inside the workshop was # 4 from Esquel under overhaul and # 101 (Henschel) being fitted with new boiler tubes.


Henschel # 105 in good condition and 0-6-0T (19454), together with several derelict steam locomotives near the shed.

Henschel # 131 (1945) is preserved in town.

April 23rd

Henschel # 107 was stationed in good condition with a freight train in Esquel station. We chased Baldwin # 16 from Esquel to Nahuel-Pan. 

In Nahuel-Pan # 16 used the triangle. We saw an unnumbered Henschel (#114?) in poor condition here.

On the way back to Esquel, the train ran very slowly because of the strong wind.

We were waiting on a curve when the train derailed and overturned, the two pictures were taken within seconds of each other. The roof of one of the coaches was blown off, coaches 2 and 3 then derailed bringing off the rest of the train.

We were the first persons to give assistance with forest wardens. Fortunately none of the passengers suffered severe injuries.

Rob Dickinson