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Miniature Trains in Mexico, 2012

Thomas Kautzor reports on some items recorded during his November 2012 visit. Click here for the index to the other reports which include steam locomotives, stationary steam and railway cranes.

Some people at NdeM workshops seem to have had a lot of time on their hands to build all of these various models, miniature and park railways.

This model of a 4-4-0 in the middle of a traffic circle (CF 61 & CF 120) in Acambáro, GUANAJUATO is supposed to commemorate NdeM 295, the first steam locomotive built at Acambáro shops in 1944 (which was actually a narrow gauge 2-8-0).

4-4-0 2811 operates around a 1.25 km 3-ft gauge loop together with two open bogie coaches (CEARL 0092 & 0086) at Rodolfo Landeros Park (open 09.00-17.00) in Aguascalientes, AGS. The train is powered through one of the bogies in the tender and was built in 11-1992 at Aguascalientes shops under the supervision of Engineer Sr. Julio Alberto Romo Cadengo. The small Museo Juan Salazar Rodriguez (open Tu-Sa 09.30-15.30, Su 10.00-16.30) next to the station houses an HO display.

Model NdeM 4 on display in front of the Railway Worker’s Union on Madero Street in Aguascalientes, AGS. was put up in 1975 for the city’s 400 year anniversary.

Model FC Central Mexicano 4-4-0 at the National Railway Museum, Puebla, PUE.

4-6-4 M-501 “El Jarochito” at the Parque Zoológico y Botánico “Miguel Angel de Quevedo” (open Tu-Su 09.00-17.00), Calle del Campesino 20, Veracruz, VER. used to operate over a 800m long loop with a train of seven open-sided bogie coaches until 2006. It was built at NdeM’s San Luis Potosi workshops in 1982. According to a newspaper article dated 12.09.2012, the municipality plans to restore it.

Rob Dickinson