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Case Notes - Pakistan 5

Terry Case writes about his travels for steam. Further tales will follow from time to time covering more of Australia, India, South Africa, Indonesia and Pakistan.

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Other Pakistan tales:

Steam still dominated in 1995 when I made my final visit accompanied by Graham Knight. Most passenger trains remained steam hauled, often conveying vans. SGS also covered some freight work from the branch lines and p.w. trains. 

On 1st January 1995, SGS pilot 2473 shunts some passenger stock, the 4 wheel carriages were commonly used for railway employees.

We had an interesting trip from Malakwal to Khewra. We were offered a footplate ride on the SGS which was hauling a mixed train of vans and carriages which resulted in some nice stack talk. As we neared Khewra the track deteriorated to a woeful condition. The locomotive rolled and sagged to one side, before righting itself and constantly shuddered, it was quite unnerving even at our slow pace. 

At both Gujar and Khewra locals took water from the auxiliary tender, their own water being poor quality. I bet they were sad to see steam finished!

At Khewra we had a guided tour of the salt mine with its diminutive n.g. electric locomotives.

2471 after arrival at Khewra 4th January 1995

Khewra salt mine, here the n.g. tracks are carried over the b.g.

For more details of the mine and photos of the Khewra mixed see The Great Salt Range, Pakistan, 1992".

The mine used Baldwin electrics, the overhead was so low I had to stoop to pass safely under. The mine railway with its bridges and mountainous background was spectacular, unfortunately we visited when there was little activity. We were told that mining salt here dates back to the 1500s.

4th January 1995. Before returning to Malakwal the SGS shunted wagons into the mine, the line once continued to Dandot, but that part was now closed. 

A mixed arrives in Malakwal. 5th January 1995, the SGS was in woeful condition and barely made it to the station. The crossovers in the foreground are for trains from Sargodha and for locomotives to shunt to and from the shed.

Visiting Malakwal depot was like stepping back in time. 5th January 1995

Even at this late stage Malakwal could present a picture of order and pride.

Or maybe not, the fitters would have needed aqualungs and flippers to work in the Malakwal shed pit!

Rob Dickinson