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Case Notes - Pakistan 2

Terry Case writes about his travels for steam. Further tales will follow from time to time covering more of Australia, India, South Africa, Indonesia and Pakistan.

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Other Pakistan tales:

I visited Wazirabad in the second half of December 1984, unfortunately I do not have the exact dates.

I missed out on seeing any ng action when I had a bout of illness that enforced a stay in Lahore before I was fit to travel again. With only one day left for steam action I headed for Wazirabad taking the 06.30 express to Rawlapindi which was so crowded, I had to stand for over an hour. The train ran late arriving in Wazirabad after the morning steam departures. This was another location where steam had been re-instated.

I found SGC 1174 (VF 1909) taking water; it was on a freight heading up the mainline towards Lala Musa. The old locomotive got away in clouds of steam as it appeared to be priming.

With the oil burners arching up the fire, they made the locomotive vibrate as it passed. The locomotive was spinning its wheels as it tried to restart the freight, resulting in plumes of oily smoke in the cool air as well as the condensed steam.


The depot was visible from a platform, but only two locomotives were in steam:-SGS 2398 (VF 1920) and SPS 2988 (VF 1914). 2988 was my first sighting of the inside cylinder 4-4-0 type, and was the reason for travelling to Wazirabad. The loco had its number chalked on most of its motion and wheels, suggesting it had recently been repaired.

A SPS arrives whilst another is ready to depart, a SGC is visible at the shed.

From a footbridge I watched SGS 2378 (VF 1914) heading a lengthy freight train to the transfer sidings with 2398 pushing in the rear, both locomotives working hard, that was reason enough to have visited! This was followed by a SPS 3159 arriving on a train from Narowal and then SPS 2988 departed on the 11.05 (L397) to Sialkot Jn.

More diesels came and went before SPS 2998 (VF 1917) arrived on L417 from Faisalabad, to which depot it was allocated. Later I photographed 2998 on its return working. 

Whilst Wazirabad closed to steam not long after my visit I was still able to ride and photograph inside cylinder classes a decade later, this was Sargodha on 2nd January 1995.

Rob Dickinson