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Case Notes - India, Round 2
Narrow Gauge glimpses: Gondia

Terry Case writes about his travels for steam. Further tales will follow from time to time covering more of Australia, India, South Africa, Indonesia and Pakistan.

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ZE 44 arrived on No 2 Down Satpura Express, carrying a headboard in Hindi script. 19/1/83

ZE 24 was provided as power for 1 Up Satpura Express, both ZEs were in SER passenger livery.

According to my 1994 Bradshaw the express included ac chair cars. Traveling in winter 1983 I only saw basic narrow gauge stock in use. All freight work was rostered diesel and this was the only sector of the network to see steam operation. Still a stop there for a couple of hours could see three passenger trains that remained steam hauled by ZE class.

ZE 24 ready to depart on 1 Up. 

BS 637 was the pilot, seen here with ZE 44.

ZE 37 departs with the Chandra Fort mixed at 14.15 (an hour later than scheduled). 

From Gondia I rode train 134 the Howrah-Ahmadabad express hauled by a WP. I was entertained by some energetic running to Nagpur. 


On a quick visit to the shed on 24th January 1985 I saw the surviving B1 768 (NB 1917) being repaired.

ZD 552 was in steam, but it must have been siesta time. 

WP 7039 departs Murtajapur on 24/1/85. The wagons are loaded with bananas, this was seasonal traffic; the train was not an advertised mixed.


I travelled to Daund on 30th November 1984. Whilst most trains to Pune were diesel hauled, steam still predominated on passenger trains to Kurduvadi (and on to Raichur) as well as to Manmad. WGs to be seen including 9956 (CLW 1962) which was in passenger livery and in excellent condition. It sauntered out to Manmad with a 9 coach load. 2 others were coupled back to back to act as hump yard pilot, they were being exchanged with the pair that had been on duty overnight. Others worked as station pilot and on passenger workings but I had come to see the ng train which had its own station.

Outside the bg shed, two ng engines ZE 92 (Han 1931) and ZE 102 (Han 1931) could be seen dumped, without wheels or tenders. Inside the shed ZE 101 (Han 1931) seemed complete, all were ex-Kurduvadi.
ZE 51 (K.Maff 1952) backed down to the station, the engine liberally decorated with foliage and bunting, obviously this was a special occasion. I was joined on the bridge by some youths, who asked me to join them at the station and take a photograph of the driver, Mr Dauzi; who was about to retire. By this stage I was used to large group photos, this was so big that the railway police were ready to knock them into shape! After taking a number of photographs and collecting addresses the train got away with respectful employees, family and friends seeing this popular driver on his way.

ZE 51 disguised by foliage is ready for driver Dauziís retirement run from Daund

With detonators exploding driver Dauzi leaves with a bang! Note the two guys on the front buffer, behind the foliage, they added to the noise throwing fire crackers.

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