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Fushun Chemical Works
Fushun Opencast Coal Mine
Fushun Steelworks

Location50 km east of Shenyang
Length- / 25km / -
Operationchemical / coal / steelworks
Fushun Chemical WorksSY1122, 1433 (both noted under repair at Sujiatun, 8/2012)
Opencast Coal MineSY0628 (on display), 0715(on display)
Fushun Special Steelworks
(Fushun "Old" Steelworks)
SY0725 (oou after heavy accident, since scrapped), 0839, 0949 (scrapped), 1050, 1630, 1632, 1633, 1634

Google Earth map of Fushun "Old" Steelworks railway, Piao'ertun by Michael Reilly.

Track colour key:
Red Fushun "Old" Steelworks railway,     Yellow China Railway,     Green Fushun mines railway (electric - the northern line, from Jixiu station, is disused)
Blue Pedestrian access route to stabling point from Piao'ertun station.


The following map is of the "New" Steelworks which is now (2011) all diesel worked (D.F.).

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