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Welcome (17th October 2018)

SY Country transferred to a new site here on Rob Dickinson's International Steam website on 17th October 2018. The original site (which was not further updated) ceased to be active from 9th December 2018 when the domain registration expired.

To avoid any problems readers should change their bookmarks and links NOW. 

Your bookmark should now be "https://syc.internationalsteam.co.uk/qjc/content.htm" or simply "https://syc.internationalsteam.co.uk/"

Similarly a link which was for example "https://sy-country.co.uk/qjc/news.htm" should be changed to "http://syc.internationalsteam.co.uk/qjc/news.htm"

Rob has pledged to continue to update the site for as long as active steam remains at Sandaoling, which was then expected to be some time in 2021 (see news report of 11th July 2019).

Broken Links (updated 30th December 2023)

One of the few benefits of the pandemic is that it has given opportunities to do things which are simply desirable (or worse) as opposed to essential. I have now spent a few days trawling this part of the site to identify broken links. This I have done and clicking a link (at the moment) should take you somewhere meaningful and not into oblivion or (as happened during testing) to an 'adult' site. I have tried to leave the old links visible but 'struck through' because they may still be available through the 'Wayback Machine'.

Back in 2019, I wrote the following:

Now that SYC is part of my International Steam website, it is included in my check for broken links which I conduct roughly twice a year. I use the utility Xenu Sleuth, it's free and its main benefit to me is that it picks up internal broken links which are invariably caused by a senior moment on my part. The external links are another matter and given there are literally thousands of them, it's impossible for me to work out if a broken link represents a page which has moved or, more likely, vanished. I try to leave the link visible but marked so that readers can use an archive facility such as http://web.archive.org/ to try to find the page.

I can see no evidence that previous SYC website editors have ever had the time and energy to do such a check and I'm certainly not going to start now. The SYC site has some 550 pages and my latest search reports that 70 have broken links, many of them like the collected trip reports with multiple occurrences. My own site has some 8500 pages, the number of (new) broken internal links each time is a measure of how busy I have been enjoying 'life', of course, I have no control over the external ones!

Steam Lines 2018 (as at 5th October 2018)

A summary of potentially active steam lines in 2018/9. Hardly worth looking at now in July 2020 when, apart from Sandaoling only Wujiu has a single SY working which is expected to finish by the year's end.

News (latest 25th March 2024)

Sandaoling Steam is effectively finished.

Updates, new reports and short news from January 2014 onwards

Earlier news pages:

Trip Reports (latest 30th January 2020)

Chronological list of reports dealing with "Chinese Steam".

Steam Lines

List of lines and operations with working steam locomotives in China. Links to relevant reports and maps for each line.

Locomotive List

List of standard gauge steam locomotives, showing date and place when and where last recorded.

Travel Tips

Useful information and travel tips (e.g. important Chinese Characters)

Links to other websites, dealing with Chinese Steam.

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