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Steam in China, Avoiding the Olympics Part 2, July/August 2012

by Bill Alborough (forwarded to Neil Edwards)

Beijing, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang, Fengshuigou, Fuxin, Sujiatun, Fushun, Shibanxi

China Railway Museum (Dongjiao) formerly Beijing China Rail Museum, Chaoyang District

Sunday 29th July.
Remarkably cleaned up, especially locos. Nice displays of lamps, uniforms etc. in glass cases, fantastic photograph exhibition (100% steam).
Note: Two DF7D present, 0001 and 3001 diesel electric.
QJ 101 on display, confirmed by new Director to be QJ 102, as on air tanks. QJ 101 cab at Sujiatun Museum.

China Railway Museum (Zhengyangmen)

This is the old original Beijing Station at Qianmen, near Tian'anmen Square. Only the two sided facade and tower remain, as the interior is gutted into a museum.
'Rocket of China' 2-4-0T OC (replica), displayed on ground floor. All other displays are models or mock-ups.


Monday 30th July.
JS 8418 shunting, worked afternoon passenger train, JS are used in rotation, as available,
JS 6245 cold in depot,
JS 8249 cold in depot,
JS 8250 under intermediate overhaul.

JS 8418 working all 3 days, 30th July, 1st and 2nd August.

DF12 0105/0106/0107, built 2006, all seen working.
4wR orange, in separate shed under bridge (builder Qinling).

Tuesday 31st July.
JS 8418 on 7am passenger train.

N.B. Steam fitters to attend Daban, to prepare 2 x QJ for the 2013 steam festival.

Fengshuigou Mine 600mm electric

2, 4, 5 and 6 4wWE all working coal trains,
Derelict 1, 5 and 6 (as on cabs) at dead end, no electric components or pantographs,
2 4wBE (moderate size) shunter at repair shop,
4 4wBE (small size, no cab) shunter at paint shop.


Tuesday 31st July.
The electric system will be abandoned early 2013, SY 1084 and crane No.5, busy uprooting electric masts already! Open cast big hole to be abandoned, tracks to be taken up and electric locos scrapped.

JS 1001 dumped at Repair Workshops, all other JS scrapped,
SY 0210/71, 0304, 0400/63, 0517, 0766/98, 0916/42/43 and 1007 all scrapped,
SY 1017, 1025, 1052, 1079, 1083/84 (both with smoke deflectors), 1085, 1441, 1487, and 1764 all active,
SY 1425 under repair at workshop.

90005 4wR&C very active.
EL2/23 6787, 7324, 7326, 7362 and 7364 all active.
04 4wR at Repair Shop, blue lower, white upper.

Wednesday 1st August.
SY 1017, 1052 and 1083 at Washery, SY 1083 was also seen on long freights.
SY 1084, with crane No.5, on de-electrification train.
SY 1487 yard pilot, open mine side.

Wednesday 1st August.
Refused tickets on K7356, the 18.16 Chifeng to Fuxin (arrival 02/08 at 02.02), as train ends at Dalian, charter bus 14.00 – 18.00 instead!


Thursday 2nd August and Friday 3rd August.
Shift change 08.00,
SY 988, 1320, 1378, 1396, 1460, 1818 (1414) and DF5D 0066.

Depot 12.00,
SY 0941, for storage,
Dump JF 508, SY 0036, 0076, 0127, 0391, 0540, 0576, 0770 (the REAL one).

Workshops 14.00,
SY 1210 full overhaul,
SY 1319 final paint before traffic,
SY 1359 full overhaul,
SY 1397 fully stripped for overhaul.
Stored in rear building, SY 0770 (0940), 1088 and 1195.

Wulong Mine Spoil Tip 16.00 SY 988 and SY 1818.

DF5D 0067, 0068 stored at Depot.

Fuxin now has 8 diesels, more on order. Mr Hao, Works Director, says +/- 5 years for steam.

SY 1395 at Mine Park, is SY 0939, but 0939 is an unlucky number, so 1395 is used. Build date 11/74 is correct. (Sorry Bill, build date for 0939 should be 1/75, Fuxin's 0911 and 0912 had build dates 11/74. D.F.)


Locomotive Summary.
JF 624, 2195, 2345 - Mr Hao said 'scrapped',
JF 508 dumped at depot,
SY 0002, 0035, 0112, 0126, 0205, 0541, 0785, 0849, 0850, 0911, 0912, 0989 and 1089 all said as 'scrapped' by Mr Hao,
SY 0036, 0076, 0127, 0391, 0540, 0576 and 0770 all dumped at Depot yard, with all passenger carriages,
SY 0770 (0940), 1088 and 1195 stored behind workshops,
SY 0941 complete, cold at Depot,
SY 0988 active, VERY,
SY 1210 in works,
SY 1319 in works,
SY 1320 active,
SY 1359 in works,
SY 1378 active,
SY 1395 only 1 seen, at museum,
SY 1396 active,
SY 1397 in works,
SY 1460 active,
SY 1818 active,
YJ 296 and 403 not seen, no news,
DF5D 0066 active,
DF5D 0067/0068 dead on Depot,
M-01 4wDR on Depot.

Sujiatun (Museum)

Friday 3rd August.
Magnificent new building, 5th location of museum.
Previous and current locations:
1: - Within Sujiatun Depot, included 2 x SL streamliners.
2: - Special area at Sujiatun, 1 x SL7 retained.
3: - Moved to mock roundhouse in North East Shenyang, by Garden Centre.
4: - Moved to mock Roundhouse in North West Shenyang, as part of Sports Complex.
5: - 8 Shandan Street, Sujiatun. NOT open to the public, groups by prior arrangement only,. "Intended to show Railwaymen their heritage" (General Manager), Great brochure, fantastic "Gold" ticket in metal.

The full list of major exhibits listed in positional order. Lots of track equipment etc. well displayed on left side.
Plinthed outside RM 1247 and QJ 1043 (both as plated), big security fence, no close-up possible.
4wRB OZ 0001 white upper, tan lower, carriages, wagons, CRH3 (shell only), Cab DF4 1052.
HXN 30000 shell only.

SS1 0695,
DF7G 5090 Feb 7 2005.

DF4 5331 Ziyang 2000,
DF6 0003 DL 1991,
DF5 1043 Sifang 1980,
DFH 0186 Sifang 1986,
DFH5 0371 Ziyang 1988,
DF4 1029 DL 1985,
ND5 0016 (USA) 1984,
BJ 3242 Feb7 1987,
DFH1 4222 Sifang 1959,
QJ 6368 Datong 1982,
SY 1096 last Tangshan built locomotive before 7/1976 earthquake,
JS 5003,
GJ 1038,
XK13 3858,
DK5 250,
SL8 811 (all previous viewings as 815),
JF6 3329,
ST2 22,
SL7 751,
FD 1227,
JF2 2525,
SL5 292,
JF3 2558,
DB3 28,
PL 220,
Fireless 0-4-0F (German built) 02 ex-Benxi,
Cab QJ 101 2-10-2 frame and wheels for demonstrations.

Note SL8 815 changed to 811, 815 not lucky number!!

Sujiatun Locomotive Repair Workshops

Friday 3rd August
+/- 1Km from Museum, new building, Boss Mr Liu.
Under repair: -
DF10D 0112 Beitai,
DF4 3282 CNR,
DF5B 0056 Lingyuan Steel,
SY 1122 (built 1980) Fushun Chemical Works,
SY 1433 (built 2/1986) Fushun Chemical Works.
Staff also visit companies in the area to help with steam repairs (see Fushun Old Steel Works).
Midway between museum and workshops GJ 1018 plinthed adjacent to mini-station of old style China, in which are 2 x Restaurant Cars.
N.B. GJ, NOT QJ as reported in Continental Railway Journal 167, page 401!


Saturday 4th August.

Old Steelworks, very scruffy locos, total freedom arranged by shedmaster Mr Guo.
SY 0725 scrapped,
SY 0839 awaiting repair at depot (tender of SY 1634),
SY 0949 scrapped,
SY 1050 cold, under repair by Mr Liu and Sujiatun staff,
SY 1630 active,
SY 1632 (built 11/1988) active,
SY 1633 under repair by Mr Liu and Sujiatun staff,
SY 1634 active, with SY 0839 tender,
DFH5 0408 active.

Mining Railway – Big Hole
Display of locos and Mining Equipment on viewing platform above big hole,
SY 0628,
SY 0715,
ZG150-1500-1 027,
ED85 1137,
EL1 1707,
37E2 1526.

Seen working trains ZG100 617 and ED85 607.

Mining Railway Electric Depot
ZG150-1500 132,
ZG150-1500 615,
ED85 605,
ED85 609,
ED85 1137,
ZG150 626,
ZG150 629 (built 1980).
Very few electrics seen, NO passenger services remain, most activity at night, "Economy 7" power.

Shibanxi (Jiayang Coal Railway) 762mm gauge

Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th August.
Access from Chengdu now Express Tollway throughout, around 2 hours, Y197 paid.
Three 0-8-0 in use daily, Depot welcoming with escorted visit by Mr Liu. Freights to end of line continue.
07 Under repair,
08 active on freight,
72 (ex-Pengzhou), repairs just commencing,
09 in Lime Green livery, worked all passengers,
10 active on freight,
14 stored awaiting repair,
01,02 B-BDH dumped locos moved from Shixi to new Museum at Huangcunjin,
ZL14-7 01,02 on Depot, 03 electric coal trains.

Extra tourist trains supplement the basic 4 each way passenger service, usually 3-cars (2 x 4 wheelers, 1 x bogie car).

Yuejin Mine 600mm

1 unit seen shunting at mine, 4wBE, not identified.

Summary of facilities and costs per location

UKŁ1= Yuan 9.55, US$1 = Yuan 6.33

Yuan 300 per person, per visit, NOT per day. No guidance required, access to Depot and overbridge at yard, no lineside hassles or photo problems. Travel on AM. and PM. Passenger trains NOT ALLOWED.

Yuan 150 per person per day, minimum Yuan 1,000 per group. Works visit Yuan 50 per person extra, stored dumped locos, Yuan 50 per person extra. Foreign Affairs assistant Mr Zhang clears everything daily. No lineside hassles, or photo problems.
Unofficial visitors minimum Yuan 1,000 per person.

Beijing Railway Museum
Yuan 20 per person, NO PHOTOGRAPHY signs ignored by everyone.

Beijing Qianmen Railway Museum
Yuan 20 per person, 4 floors, photos allowed, but no flash.

Yuanbaoshan and Pingzhuang
No Fees, no guidance, no lineside or photo hassles. Yuanbaoshan Depot visit, very friendly staff. Smoke by request at the viaduct with passenger train.

Fengshuigou Mine 600 mm electrics
Friendly workers, access everywhere permitted, no guidance, no photo or lineside problems.

Yuan 500 per person PER VISIT. Accompanied by security throughout, no photo or lineside hassles. Depot visit and Repair Shop visit, escorted by Chief.
Unofficial visitors fine Yuan 1,000 per person.

Sujiatun Railway Museum
NOT open to individual tourists. Groups Yuan 100 per person, by prior arrangement. Unlimited photography, 45 minutes maximum per visit.

Sujiatun Locomotive Repair Workshops
Yuan 100 per person, no photo hassles, includes nearby mini-station complex with the plinthed GJ.

Fushun Old Steelworks
Yuan 200 per person. Depot/Repair Shops visit with Chief Mr Guo. Linesiding assistance, locos and trains, brought to cameras!

Fushun Big Hole
Yuan 50 per person, (displayed locos etc).

Train ride Yuan 30 single, Yuan 50 return, in tourist coach. Depot visit Yuan 50 per person. No photo hassles or lineside problems.

Finally, we were shown DRAFT REGULATIONS to be effective 01-01-2013.

Huge penalties (+/- Yuan 10,000), and associated jail sentences for UNOFFICIAL GUIDES leading small/medium sized foreign groups within China.
While their Clients do not, apparently, face jail, a substantial fine (+/- Yuan 1,000 person) is listed, with immediate deportation, with passport pages (ALL!) stamped DEPORTED.

A new passport would then be needed, perhaps refused by the Passport Agency, as the old passport must be returned with the new application. This regulation modifies existing Rules, which have been ignored, until now, by certain individuals specialising in back-door entries. This regulation is not SPECIFICALLY aimed at Railfans, but official authorised agencies will be on the look out............

Bill Alborough and Neil Edwards

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