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Around the turn of the century I accumulated many scans of steam on the Indian sub-continent, the intention was that it would form the basis of further Images of Rail CD-ROMs.

Then I met Yuehong and the project got sidelined to put it mildly. After 2004 we invested our time on video instead and organising ourselves to the point where by November 2014 we were not only 'settled' in the UK but Yuehong had British citizenship. It was time to take stock and the time was ripe to complete what I long ago dubbed 'Raj Steam'.

If you can contribute, please email me at the address below, those whose pictures are used will be invited to download the existing Images of Rail products and will obviously be entitled to the parts of this project as they are prepared.

All images used here are copyright of the photographers concerned and should not be reuploaded without specific permission from me and / or the photographer concerned, please respect this. Should you wish to reproduce one or more in a book, please email me. 

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