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Stationary Steam in Mexico, 2012

Thomas Kautzor reports on some preserved items recorded during his November 2012 visit. Click here for the index to the other reports which include steam locomotives, 'modern traction' and railway cranes. Click the Stationary Steam link above for the main page covering that subject.

This duplex steam pump is on display next to the Museo del Ferrocarril Juan Salazar Rodriguez, Parque Rodolfo Landeros, Aguascalientes, AGS.

This was originally a steam winch, built by Tangye, later converted to compressed air and again to electric power. It is at Museo de Sitio y Centro de Interpretación Mina La Dificultad, Mineral del Monte, HIDALGO (12 km NW of Pachuca). (Thomas sent a view of the gantry it operated within, but it's impractical to include a picture here as it would need to be huge! RD)

This steam-powered device (some kind of winch? RD) was on display at the Museo Nacional del Ferrocarril in Puebla, PUE.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson