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Stationary Steam in Cuba

I was able to visit one or two mills in Cuba in 2001 (RD), but circumstances did not allow me to take any photographs.

Ray Gardiner (his pictures unless otherwise stated), Chris Hart and Alan Murray Rust have provided a glimpse of mill engines, unfortunately the mills were closed during his visits (which is probably why he was able to take pictures):

Click here for 2002 pictures from several mills.

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Neil Smith has sent these pictures from Esteban Hernandez Mill while it was still operational. They don't show much detail but they give a marvellous feel for the atmosphere: Two are Corliss engines.

Luis Arcos Bergnes (5th May 2002)

This mill has not worked for several years. Picture courtesy of Chris Hart who adds "This is a picture of a small horizontal steam engine I took last year. It was in the area between the tip and mills. I couldn't tell whether it was a carrier drive or driving a set of knives or what."


Marcelo Salado (25th April 2002)

This mill has not worked for several years. With classic machinery like this, what a shame. Pictures courtesy of Alan Murray-Rust:

MS Mill Fultons

MS Mill Ames

Sergio Gonzalez (14th April 2002)

The mill was previously known as Tinguaro. The 1937 Gilmore Cuba Sugar Manual shows that there were 3 mill engine driving the crushers. They were all Corliss type built by Fulton in USA. The engine shown drove the pre crusher and had 26" x 48" cylinders. The 2nd engine was 42" x 60" and drove the crusher and first 3 mills. The 3rd engine was 32" x 60" and drove the 4th and 5th mills.

SG Mill

Rafael Freyre:

RF Mill

RF Mill

RF Mill

Patria O Muerte (First is a Hamilton, the other two Fultons), when working the Hamilton (Corliss) engines sound most strange.

PoM Mill

PoM Mill

PoM Mill

In addition a semi-portable engine built by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies #35026 c1920's was operating at Agucate Railway Station (50Km east of Havana) in 2003.

This steam winch in use at Australia Mill in 2002 has no identification marks....

Steam winch