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Preserved Steam Fire Engines in Cuba

Ray Gardiner has been a regular visitor to Cuba for many years, he has prepared the following notes and pictures. This is 'work in progress' and if you can help with additional information, please contact me at the address below and I will pass it on to Ray.

For more information on Merryweather see see (link broken 5th April 2019)

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Museo de Bomberos, Havana
Calle Zulueta #257, % Animas y Neptuno, Havana

Merryweather b/no 1535 ? 1894 Victoria model
This engine came from the fire station in Calle Corralles about two blocks from Central Station.
Unfortunately the museum rarely seems to be open, however the side door is usually open, so just ask to go in.

Museum at Calle de los Mercaderes, corner of Transito, Old Havana

This engine used to be at Museo del Automovil in Old Havana Shand Mason built 1901

Museo de la Ciudad (Palacio de los Capitanes)
Plaza Armas, Old Havana.

American La France b/no 3226 ? 1908, Metropolitan size 4

Gran Templo National Masonica (Freemasons Headquarters)
Ave. Salvador Allende ( Calle Carlos III ) between Calle Belascoain and Chavez, Centro Habana. Museum on 3rd floor.

Shand Mason built 1872, Equilibrium No3 model, named CERVANTES.
This may be the oldest surviving Shand Mason. The man who looks after the museum is very friendly and speaks good English.

Parque de los Bomberos
Matanzas Fire Station

Button (?) 802 1884 size 4 Engine has number 1 on funnel, identity not certain but this engine and 972 1890 were both delivered to Matanzas.

American 2807 1901 Metropolitan model.

Merryweather b/no 1332 ? 1894 Victoria model, originally delivered to Union de Reyes.

There are probably several other engines preserved that I have not been able to locate so far.

  • The man at the Freemasons museum said that another Shand Mason of the same design is preserved, but does not know where. This would be the engine built 1873 named COLON.
  • There was a steam fire engine at a restaurant near Pinar del Rio, but it has been moved to an unknown location, identity of the engine is not known.
  • It is possible that there is another engine in storage for Museo de la Ciudad.
  • There is supposed to be an engine preserved at the Bacardi Rum museum.
  • David Parfitt says there is a rare American built Nott engine preserved at the Museo Municipal, Sagua la Grande (Google shows this as being Calle Martí No. 68 e/ Carmen Ribalta y Calixto García