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The mill at Harwood in northern New South Wales was still using stationary steam in the 2009 season according to this video - More information would be appreciated, (8th November 2011). This video shows stationary steam in the form of a Maryborough 1953 engine (2nd January 2013). 

The mill at Condong in northern New South Wales appears to have some steam powered machinery, see (link is dead) and  I am trying to find out more information. Thanks to regular correspondent Chris Hart for this one.

Tom Badger (until recently Shift Supervisor at Condong Mill) adds (28th November 2003) "I can confirm that there are four stationary steam engines currently in use within the New South Wales sugar mills. Harwood Mill and Condong Mill each have two units remaining, driving cane crushing mills. The two at Condong are driven by 560 kPa steam, and develop about 175 kW indicated power. One engine was built by Bundaberg Foundry, the other by Smiths of Glasgow. All of these engines have a limited life expectancy, will probably be replaced by electric drives in the near future."

21st century appropriate technology - Pritchard Power of Melbourne have designed a biomass fueled steam engine - perfect for remote areas - see (8th July 2009).

Ray Gardiner advises me that "the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has a lot of stationary steam engines which are still steamed everyday I think . They have some very interesting engines including a Boulton and Watt engine . The oldest existing steam engine in the world." Check out (link dead by 31st October 2017), try instead

The Echuca Steam Rally always features a number of portable engines and I have uploaded a set of pictures from the 2013 event (4th December 2013).


There are pictures of Lautoka Mill, Viti Levu - West Coast on (link dead by April 2015). The pictures are not 'new'. Does anyone know what the current situation is here? (10th May 2002)

New Zealand

How Many Engines are there in New Zealand? An article reproduced from the International Stationary Steam Engine Society Bulletin. (added 21st December 2002, updated with a traction engines note, 22nd March 2013 and a correction to the report concerning the Gore area, 24th March 2013) In the Bay of Islands at the top of North Island is Collins Brothers Sawmill which is increasingly turning the clock back. See (link dead by 25th October 2016, added 1st September 2005). I believe, sadly, it closed in December 2015.

Steam log haulers were built in quantity and quite a few survive, the most prominent of which is the one in the Kauri Museum. Information and pictures have been provided by Phil Barnes to which I have now added more information and links (page updated 11th November 2019).

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson