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The Locomotives of East Africa, 1975

Robert Davis obtained an EAR stock book from Nairobi Works in 1977.

Included in it are a photograph and diagram for each locomotive type (steam and diesel) which had been in service during the 1960s and 1970s. Also indicated in lists are the status of each locomotive at the time the book was compiled which appears to be ca 1975 (hence the date at the top of this page).

The photographs are approximately A4 size and I have put up two pages of reduced size scans (mildly Photoshopped) on two separate pages:

The Steam Locomotives of East Africa, 1975

The Garratt Steam Locomotives of East Africa, 1975

The Diesel Locomotives of East Africa, 1975

It would be impractical to upload the diagrams and lists to the site as the file size is too great and the scans cannot safely be reduced in size.

I intend to make the full size photographs (as scanned and NOT Photoshopped), diagrams and lists together with a scan of a 12 page booklet produced by EAR describing the Nairobi workshop as a Dropbox download of just under 200Mb. There will be no charge for this.

Alternatively, I can burn them all to CD which I can mail to you, but I will have to make a nominal charge of GBP 5

Please email me using the address that follows, it is an image not a link, this is also my Paypal account should you wish to use it . Don't forget to include your mailing address if necessary.

Rob Dickinson