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Surviving Railway Cranes in Eastern Europe

This is just one of a series of pages covering surviving Railway Cranes across the world. Click here for the Index.

Chris Capewell (chriscapewell AT has provided the following data, he would greatly appreciate additions, corrections and confirmation for data with a yellow background.

We would welcome more pictures of cranes in this list which can be used to illustrate the article, as links are notoriously ephemeral.

Marc Stegeman recommends this page which is jam packed with pictures of steam cranes in action in East Europe (2nd October 2023):

(20th Nov 14)
(29th Oct 16)
(2nd Dec 14)
Czech Republic
(18th Sep 14)
(11th Nov 11)
(21st Oct 18)
(17th Aug 22)
(9th Mar 22)
(12th Oct 15)
(25th Oct 18)

The following countries in this geographical area have no known surviving rail cranes, it would be very surprising if none existed. 

Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Uzbekistan


  • Brno = Kralovopolska Strojirna, Brno, Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia)
  • GD = G. Dimitrov Locomotive Works, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Gyor = Machinenfabrik Gyor, Gyor, Hungary
  • Industrial Brownhoist - Industrial Works, Bay City, Michigan, USA
  • Ivtorfmash = Ivtorfmash, Ivanovo, Russia
  • Kirov = Kirovsky Mashavadov 1 Maya (1st May), Russia
  • Kirow = Kirow, Leipsig, Germany
  • Odessa = Yanvarskogo Uprising Plant, Odessa, Ukraine (then USSR)
  • R&R = Ransomes and Rapier, Ipswich, UK
  • Skoda = Skoda, Plzeň, Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia)


  • MoS = Ministry of Supply (MoS)
  • RB = Relieving Bogies

Each entry is arranged as follows after the country/location:

Number Railway Gauge Diesel, Electric
and, Steam
Capacity in tons Wheels Works Number Comments


Brest, Railway Museum

PK-6-1158 S 6T 4W Type PK6
PKTsum315-490 1520mm S 15T 4+4W

Baranovichi, Railway Museum


Zenica Steelworks

SG S ?4+4W Not reported since seen oou in 2007.


Cerven Brjag

SG S 4W Steam Coaling Crane/Grab, in store

This is Thomas Kautzor's 2011 photographs:

Pleven Depot (12th October 2016)

GD ? SG S ?3T GD Steam Coaling Crane/Grab (Bager) To be restored, unused spare boiler

Chris Capewell picture

Gorna Oryakhovitsa Depot

GD ? SG S ?3T GD Steam Coaling Crane/Grab (Bager) To be restored, unused spare boiler available.

Chris Capewell picture (12th October 2016)

Kalojanovetz, strategic store

GD012/52 SG S ?3T 4W GD 012/1952 Steam Coaling Crane/Grab (Bager)
4 SG DE 56T 6+6W Kirow 100/4 /1954 Steel angle lattice jib, 2x6 cyl. Diesel engines, bogies by 7 October Werke, Magdeberg

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2011 photographs, 12/52 (upper two), 4 (lower three):

Mezdra Depot (added 29th October 2016)

GD ? SG S ?3T 4W GD Steam Coaling Crane/Grab (Bager)

Picture courtesy of Peter Wilcox

Stara Zagora Depot

GD ? SG S ?3T 4W GD Steam Coaling Crane/Grab (Bager)


Sisak (on very short length of track on a small jetty on bank of River Kupa; adjacent Rimska ul)

Czech Republic
Zubrnická Railway Museum (added 24th May 2013)

KKSt.B. no. 11 SG H 4W Körösi Graz, Austria (1877) Information -
Picture -,_Rakovnik/
Luzna u Rakovnik Museum, Luzna-Lisany

06-117 SG H 3T 4W 19th century (Chain link rope, BWB on axle boxes, also carried number OSD Jn 1382, Lok.Depo Zdice.
05-318 SG D 5T 4+4W Kirow (Coal Grab) It carries UIC 99 54 94-19 140-7.

This picture courtesy of Chris Capewell (18th September 2014)
Ostrava Vitkovice Steelworks (added 24th May 2013)
(Location is actually on the street 1 Mahe; adjacent tram stop Pohranicni)

690mm S ?3T 4W ? English style overall but actually probably locally made

This pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (18th September 2014):

Lavassaare Railway Museum

?Hand crane?

Haapsalu Railway Museum

1520mm S to D 6T 4+4W Coal grab
DZh45-013 1520mm S to D 45T 6+6W Breakdown crane

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2009 photographs, coal grab on the left and breakdown crane on the right:

These vintage pictures, are from Peter Klaus, the first shows a similar coal grab in action in Russia in steam days, the second PZ45-133 at Tapa, Estonia in the 1960s, not sure about the second(!). 

Hungary (more pictures 11th November 2011) (Link broken by May 2023)

Budapest 'Fusti' Museum, Vasúttörténeti Park, Ezhaki Depot

3155 3900 303.0 LXI GOZDARU     SG S 65T 8+8W Magyar Wagon, Es Gepgyar, Gyor 1942
MAV 223 XLI GOZDARU SG S 45T 4-8-4RB CS 8056/1943 ex WD, 223 was probably the UK Army Transportation Corps. number

MAV 233 (Photographs by John Coulson)

MAV 233 (Photograph by Chris Appleby at Tapolca in 1992):


Petropavlovsk (confirmed sighting required)



Cinevilla Film Studios

912 1520mm S 6T 4W Type PKB 

This is Thomas Kautzor's 2009 photograph:
Riga Railway Museum

1520mm S to D 6T 4W Kirov 1950 Converted 1977 as type MK6
15 1520mm 18.5T 4+4w Kirov (IIK-18.5 type) Unconverted, part of the reserve collection

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2009 photographs:

Jelgava Elf (more information and picture, 21st October 2018)

15 1520mm 18.5T 4+4w Kirov (IIK-18.5 type) Unconverted, part of the reserve collection

This is Chris Capewell's 2018 picture:


Thomas Kautzor photographed this crane at Lisice on 25th March 2022. I suspect it is 'steam era' rather than actually steam powered.


Jarocin (Depot Museum, added 9th March 2022)

There is a steam age (1940s) diesel crane here - see John Taubeneck says the number quoted in the article is just a part number. It was built by American Hoist and Derrick.

Jaworzyna Slaska (Depot Museum, updated 4th September 2016)

? ? H 5T 4W Breslauer Actien Gesellschaft fur Eisenbahn Wagenbau und Machinenbau Anstalt Breslau (1900) On newer / replacement chassis (yellow)
? ? H 1.5T 4W E.Becker Berlin Ca 1900? (red & green)
 391972 XU SG D 130T Krupp-Ardelt 1964 Formerly at Elk

This is Thomas Kautzor's photograph of  391972 XU when it was at Elk:

These are Peter Wilcox's pictures:

Karsznice (Depot Museum; prev. at Zdunska Wola Depot c. 1999, added 14th September 2015)

? SG S 20T 4+4W Industrial Brownhoist 11567/1943 Boiler 7147, probably the machine seen several years ago at Zdunska Wola.

Picture courtesy of Chris Capewell

Koscierzyna Railway Museum (information added 13th October 2016)

? SG Originally S (?), now DE PE No plates nor caption.
It looks typical German design for ca.2000Kg crane/grab..
Axleboxes marked B.A.M.A.G- Dessau 1923
5DC-217 SG DE or PE 2.5T 6W Zaklady Naprawcz, Taboru Kolejowego Works no. type ZK1-16/1966 (Rolling Stock Repair Works) Wroclaw in 12/1966. 

These are Thomas Kautzor's photographs:

Skierniewice Railway Museum (12th October 2016)

1DC-158 SG H 10T 4-4W Also numbered 0856005, also Xua 591002
Stated as Maschinenfabrik Whylen 1938
Axlebox marked DWV, Peyinghaus, Volmarstein 192?; but may be stock or replacements.

These are Chris Capewell's photographs:

Tarnowskie Góry (updated 14th September 2015)

Chris Cqpewell comments - "This machine is described as by Usines Emile Duray, Belgium but I suspect that is a description of the boiler presently fitted. Duray were certainly boiler makers. The superstructure is Taylor Hubbard in appearance; the chassis less so. I suspect that it came from two Taylor Hubbard batches sent to Belgium in 1917 and 1918. The Wehrmacht borrowed it eastwards! The crane has also been rejibbed in the 50s or 60s with a welded lattice jib of Kirow appearance. I think it's a bitzer."

This is Chris Capewell's photograph:

This is Tomasz Galka's photograph:

Wegliniec loco depot


This is Tomasz Galka's photograph:

Wolsztyn Museum

SG S 4W Coaling crane

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2010 photographs, steam crane (left) and hand crane (right):

Zowska Zabytkowy Karczmiska, Tramway Museum

760mm H 1.5T 4W R & R 1920

Sibiu Railway Museum

WMA65.4 SG S 35T 6+6W Ardelt 1024/1938 oil burner?
WM58.4 SG S ?15T 4+4W Ardelt 1938 oil burner?

It is possible that WMA65.1, .2 or .3 are still operational. These are Thomas Kautzor's 2011 photographs, WMA65.4 (upper two), WMA58.4 (lower three):

Timisoara (added 12th October 2015)

SG H ?T 4W Outside abandoned depot, extant rather than preserved.

This is Kevin Hoggett's picture:


For a superb primer on the subject read this Russian language page, with "Google Translate" it reads very easily, in particular note that the steam PK-6 and petrol MK-6 are closely related with many of the former apparently converted to the latter. Later developments brought the DC-6 (diesel) and EC-6 (electric).: 
Kaliningrad (updated with new entry and pictures, 19th October 2013)

2135 1520mm S 6T 4W Kirovsky Mashavadov 1 Maya Type MK-6, probably now diesel but may have been steam or petrol
YA3 S 45T 4RD-4+4-4RB J.U. Odessa 1935 Type YA3

These are Chris Capewell's photographs:


1520mm S 4+4W Possibly USA built, American type diamond bogies, originally built with buffers.

Podmoskovnaya Depot (added 8th June 2012)

1520mm S (to D?) 4+4W Newly arrived here in 2012

These photographs are courtesy of Harvey Smith:

Moscow, Kievskaya Railway Museum

1520mm S to D 5T 4+4W PK-5

These photographs are courtesy of Harvey Smith:

Novomoskovsk Central Railway Museum

1520mm S to D? 45T 4RB -4+4-4RB Odessa

Pereslavl  Railway Museum

750mm D 8T 4+4W Ivtorfmash 1104/1970 Model KPT-1 Q-8TS (

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2009 photographs of this large narrow gauge beast:

Rostov on Don

8 1520mm S to D 45T 4RB -4+4-4RB Odessa 1935

H3 Yanvarets Rebuilt to D 1954

276 1520mm S? 25T 6+6W

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2009 photographs, 8 (upper two), 276 (lower two):

Russian Railway Museum, St. Petersburg

See the page on this site for pictures of these cranes.

DZ45-71  1520mm S to D 45T 4RB -4+4-4RB Odessa, "Yanvarets", "January Uprising Plant", 1939 Rebuilt to D 1966
PK6-1160 1520mm S 6T 4W Kirov 1 May Works; ca.1950 PK6
EDK25-372 1520mm D 25T 6+6W Kirow, Leipzig, East Germany 1953
RV-45-170 1520mm S to D 45T 6+6W Gyor, Hungary 1953 Rebuilt to D 

This picture of  DZ-45-71 is courtesy of Harvey Smith (added 14th August 2013):


Nis Depot

999.104 SG S to D 65T 8+8W ?Gyor 1940s In service. Completely rebuilt above the frames ca. 1994; with telescopic jib.

Nis Min Works

999.909 SG S ?12T  4+4W ? 1035 Dumped 2007

Pozega Narrow Gauge Museum

86051 760mm H 2T 4W

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2009 photographs:

Slovakia and
Bratislava Dopravy Museum (Slovakia Transport Museum)

CSD 102 SG H 6W Brno 1927

These pictures are from Tobias Allstadt and date from 2005 (added 12th January 2013):

Vychod Museum (Bratislava East Museum)


CSD 137 SG S 50T 6+6W Skoda 1947  SI-7-84517

This picture is from Tobias Allstadt and dates from 2005 when it was still at the station museum above (added 12th January 2013).


Llubljana Siska Museum

756 SG H 4W Prague-Smichov Ringhoffer? ca.1874 Axle boxes marked RSP 1874, ex Dobova C&W Works

Ljubljana Depot

SG H 1920s?  Appeared German built. Not reported since seen dumped 2001 

Stanjel station

SG H 4W Behind the steam locomotive SŽ 33-110



513 1520mm S? 4W Stored/Dumped

Thanks to

Ivor Harding, Chris Appleby, Ted Knotwell, Harvey Smith, Peter Klaus, Tomasz Galka, Thomas Kautzor, Harvey Smith

Rob Dickinson