The International Steam Pages


Some 20 years ago, I produced a Windows CD-ROM covering the annual Cuban 'Zafra' with more than 1500 pictures from over 20 different photographers who had visited Cuba from 1980. It was and remains the definitive record of the last place in the world where you could see American short line standard and narrow gauge steam at work. The CD was withdrawn some years ago but it is still available as a cheap download the linked page also offers a summary of the contents.

The front cover of Zafra

It is now many years since there was any 'real steam' on the island and now the time has come to upload a HTML version. 

The original text has been retained throughout bar the correction of a few typos so be prepared to be transported back in time  By the standards of 2020, the pictures may well appear rather small and you may want to reduce the resolution of your monitor to 1024 x 768 pixels or even 800 x 600 pixels which was then the target.

There were three sections on the original disc and all are now available.

I have no plans to add to the original coverage with one important exception. While I had excellent and extremely helpful contacts, it is not impossible that the record of individual locomotives is not as complete as it might be. This page lists those that escaped, most will have been out of service and probably scrapped but who knows what other early visitors saw once the mills first became accessible?

Rob Dickinson