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Steam in Zimbabwe 2014

Nigel Petre reports on his visit:

Whilst I was in the country there were two steam hauled tours which I could not get to, but I had a report about them from the Public Relations Manager of NRZ Mr Masikati.

On 13th February 2014, 15th class no 395 ran a special from Harare to Ruwa country club, but the loco was failed there and the return was diesel hauled. I did not find out what the problem was. It was the first time since 1978 that steam had worked out of Harare.

The second steam railtour was on Sunday 16th February from Bulawayo to Figtree behind class 14A 519. This one went without a hitch.

I visited Bulawayo on Tuesday 18th February. After receiving my photo permit from Mr Masikati at NRZ main offices I proceeded direct to the steam shed, where I found class 14A 519 being serviced and in steam. I spoke to the chief supervisor there who informed me that class 15A no 414 was being overhauled and it would eventually steam and work again. They are also looking at several more for a return to steam!!!

I was informed that NRZ are planning a Father's Day steam special later this year and the Valentines Day specials next February. So we are planning our next trip for then. I hope not to miss these!!!

Getting back to 519. After I had taken photographs around the steam shed I was asked by the crew if I would like a ride!! Obviously I accepted. We went over to the other side of the complex and shunted coal wagons for about two hours. I had to leave as I had left my good lady in the station restaurant. She does understand that when I get here I do get carried away a little.

(I have had sight of a report and pictures of the Harare excursion for which I am trying to get permission to use on the site. RD)

Rob Dickinson