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Uruguay Steam Update 2009

All this page courtesy of Marcelo Benoit (6th March 2009)

29th August 2007 - Official inauguration of the Uruguayan Railfan Association steam train.  It is running in summer moving tourists from the docks to Colón or Juanicó wineries. 

Heritage weekend 6th/7th October 2007, CEFU steam train in docks.

On Sunday that was the only train that ran in Montevideo (no AFE service) so there was a big activity and there were also night runs to move all the people.

11th November 2007, AUAR N 120 Peñarol-Sudriers-Peñarol and CEFU ANP 3 inside Peñarol workshops for Trains Unlimited Tours.

December 2007 - B 15 and N 101 under cover at Peñarol workshops

Heritage weekend, 4th/5th October 2008 : no steam, no trains on Sunday and no regular passenger service on Saturday! The worst heritage weekend since its inception in 1997. ANP 3 out of service waiting for boiler inspection and AFE wasn´t interested to cooperate with AUAR to run steam trains between Montevideo shelter (new station) and Carnelli.

Trackwork started on October 10th 2008 to reopen Montevideo Central Station yard to store freight trains waiting to enter to the docks. Reopening of the station to passengers is still undecided. On January 27th, 2009 trackworks 

On 8th November 2008 first steam train of the season for N 120 to Juanicó with English Community passengers.

Rob Dickinson