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Ukrainian Steam on the Narrow Gauge, October 2010

See also James Waite's main report of his August 2010 visit. See also Fabrice Lanoue's 2013 report.

James Waite revisited Ukraine for a special run behind GR 280 at Gaivoron in October  2010, organised by Ukrainian enthusiast Dmitry Babarika and his friend Wolfram Wendelin from Graz in Austria.

Firstly, on shed preparing for the run.

Next, entering Gaivoron station, then two at Bershad station and finally (out of order) waiting to depart from Gaivoron - sun, steam and fully ripened grapes on the vine, what more could one want?!

Crossing the big bridge 5km west of Gaivoron over the Southern Buh river, one of the country's major rivers and outside Bershad station. 

Rob Dickinson