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Steam in Sri Lanka, 2007

This report comes from Richard Gennis:

"Just returned from a trip to Sri Lanka over the Christmas period, mainly photographing the old GM diesels.

But to my surprise I found Robert Stephenson 340 in steam on the shed at Dematagoda on 18-12-2007, this was in steam inside the shed when I arrived there just after lunch, later that afternoon the locomotive was moved outside into the terrible weather (poring rain all day) After speaking with the shed staff, I found that this loco was taking a special train from Colombo Fort Station to Mount Lavinia at 18.00 that night! The tour was run by J.F. Tours of Colombo, who run the Viceroy specials, it was mainly business men on a jolly to Mount Lavinia with what looked like a very nice meal on the train, they then stayed at the hotel in Mt. Lavinia, while the loco and stock worked back to Dematagoda empty! I was told at the shed that this is the only loco in working order at the moment!

I did manage to get a footplate ride on the loco down to Mount Lavinia, but then I had to make my way down south ready for the next day."

340 in use

Rob Dickinson