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Preserved (Narrow Gauge) Steam in South Africa


John Browning reports on visits made during an extended tour of the country, primarily for the 'Stars of Sandstone' event which is not covered here - there is plenty on that elsewhere on the web. Items are all 2ft / 610mm gauge unless otherwise stated. All the pictures are courtesy of John, I have included only non-SAR subjects and those where the locomotives are intact and not obstructed.

1 April 2019

JAMES HALL MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT, Rosettenville Road, La Rochelle, Johannesburg

Locomotives displayed under cover but visible from outside the museum. 

0-4-0WT JF 16129 1924

4-6-4T HL 3838 1934 3ft 6in gauge

CMR&ME No.4 0-6-4T Esslingen 2877 1897 3ft 6in gauge

0-6-0F AB 2059 1838 3ft 6in gauge

GOLD REEF CITY THEME PARK (PTY) LTD, Northern Parkway, Ormonde, Johannesburg 

Manning, Wardle & Co Ltd. 0-4-0T 1583 of 1902

The locomotive remains plinthed in its almost-unphotographable location under a shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter is not large enough to protect the bunker, which is rusted through. Otherwise its condition is not bad.

WG Bagnall 0-4-2T 2870 of 1948

The locomotive is plinthed in the open. It has recently been repainted and appears to be well maintained.

SAR Class NG/G16 No NG111 (Beyer Peacock 6921 of 1939)

The locomotive is well maintained in a red livery with black edging applied to the paintwork of the bunker and water tanks, and public access has been provided to the footplate.

SAR Class 19D 3345 4-8-2 3ft 6in gauge (North British 26065 of 1948)

This locomotive is plinthed in good condition, painted black and silver.

The mine area was not visited. It is understood that 2ft 6in gauge No.2 0-6-0T HC 1578 of 1926 (ex The Sub Nigel Ltd) is on display there.

2 April 2019

TINY TOTS ACADEMY, 29 Churchill Avenue, eMalahleni

Avonside 0-4-0T 1858 of 1920

The multi-coloured locomotive remains in the playground here. Its condition is fair, and it could do with a repaint. 

3 April 2019

Springs Road, Nigel (adjacent to Shoprite car park)

Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T 1486 of 1924 2ft 6in gauge

The plinthed locomotive and its bogie wagon would benefit from another coat of paint. It may have been craned out to receive its last paint job as the right front cab/bunker panel has been bent.

10 April 2019


SEZELA No 1 - Avonside 1719 of 1915 0-4-0T

It was no easy feat to get permission to photograph this plinthed engine inside the mill gates, even though it is just outside the security office.

I was eventually allowed to make the three steps outside the door that were necessary, but told strictly not to go on the grass!

The locomotive is obviously maintained and is in quite good condition.

10 April 2019


Present here were a number of steam locomotives:

0-4-0T Avonside (probably 1660 of 1913) ex Huletts and Darnall Sports Club

0-4-2T UVE No.2 Avonside 2065 of 1933 

NGG11 55 (Beyer Peacock 6200 of 1919), which was dismantled with the boiler away for repairs

NGG16 116 (Beyer Peacock 6926 of 1939), which had recently had some non-ferrous parts stolen off it

NGG16 156 (Hunslet Taylor 3901 of 1968) in unrestored condition.


Two NGG16 locomotives remain on site here. I believe that they are 139 (Beyer Peacock 7864 of 1958) and 151 (Hunslet Taylor 3896 of 1967). The others that were here were scrapped in 2017.

MADRASSAH DA’WATUL HAQ, Hibiscus Road, Umzinto

Hunslet 0-4-2T 3385 of 1946

The locomotive is accessible to the public, plinthed under a shelter adjacent to a car park.

It is painted black and silver and is in reasonable condition.

11 April 2019


Renishaw No 2 - Avonside 0-4-0T 1986 of 1926

The locomotive has been removed from the old Head Office site, which has become a housing development.

It has been dumped at what were referred to as the ‘lower offices” at 30°17'10.2"S 30°44'14.1"E and appears somewhat uncared for.


3ft 6in gauge. The following steam locomotives were present. 

(134) 4-8-2T Dübs 2967 of 1893 dismantled

0-4-0ST RSH 7677 of 1951

No.1486 4-8-2 North British 19690 of 1912

(No.1505) 4-8-2 North British 20176 of 1913

(No.1576) 4-8-2 North British 20568 of 1914

No.2685 4-8-2 Borsig 14736 of 193811-12 April 2019

SOUTH AFRICAN SUGAR ASSOCIATION, Durban Sugar Terminal, Maydon Wharf

Avonside 0-4-0T 1422 of 1900

It proved impossible to view this locomotive. The tour office was unattended, even during the advertised times of tours, and reception at the Terminal’s Administration Office was unhelpful. It appears that tours only occur when booked and paid for in advance, but no facilities were found for booking online and only an email address and a phone number provided for contact.

12 April 2019


Hunslet 0-4-2T 2647 of 1942

The locomotive has repainted recently and is plinthed in a publicly accessible area outside the security gate. 

It is in reasonable condition.


MR BUSS – Avonside 0-4-0T 1740 of 1916 

The locomotive is plinthed in a publicly accessible area right outside the mill offices.

In spite of an inauthentic cab and a fake cowcatcher, it seems reasonably well maintained and is in quite good condition.

Rob Dickinson