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Steam in Serbia, October 2002

Christiane Neun report on steam in Serbia (15th -18th October 2002):

Smederevo 15th of October

62 073, an original American locomotive, working in the wagon-factory in grimy black livery. 62 107 an another 62 built in former Yugoslavia dumped within the works. For us as individual visitors there was no permit to enter the factory.

Kostolac 15th of October

Steam here is principally still active. But there was a break for abaut 10 days. Nevertheless it was possible to visit the engine shed with UNNRA-locomotives Nr. 9, 10, 12 and 13. Nr. 12 seems to be the regular engine for working the line. This engine was steamed outside the factory the day before. Nr. 9 was steamed in the shed to heat.

Kolubara (Vreoci and Rudovci) 16th of October

Decauville-engine 53 018 has got recently an overhaul and was seen in excellent condition outside but cold in Rudovci.

In Vreoci we got a permit to visit the railway of this mine. 62 117 and 62 643, both in good condition, were working. 63 635 was cold but obviously in working order. 53 017 and an unidentified 53 dumped out of service.

The mine is interested to purchase diesel-locomotives to replace the standard-gauge steam engines.

Jagodina 16th and 17th of October

62 377 was the working engine of Kablova industria Jagodina. Worker´s passenger trains were formed with up to seven platform-coaches. Timetable as published already. In the engine shed we found the diesel engine - obviously not in working order - and 62 642 (cold, but in working order) and 62 364 out of use.

Cuprija 17th of October

The sugar factory is under repair during this season. Therefore no service with the steam engines.


The coalmine is working again, but also the diesel engine. The two old timers 120 019 and 126 014 are well-maintained in the shed.

Beograd 18th of October

Outside of the engine shed 33 087 did await the next special services, running Saturdays from Beograd at about 8.00 to Sremski Karlovac next to Novi Sad. 01 088 was for an overhaul in Zrenjamin. In the engine shed were stored the cutten 151 012 (0-6-0 tank) and 44 004 (0-4-0 tank)

Rob Dickinson