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The 2ft Gauge Railway from Port Elisabeth to Avontur and Patensie

The railway was originally described in detail in Sydney Moir's seminal book, Twenty-four Inches Apart (Oakwood Press in 1963). More recently the story has been covered in eight parts of the author's Soul of a Railway (SOAR) series published online ( and it is this material which forms the basis of this new book. This 265 page hardback book printed on high quality paper brings the story up to date and focuses on new, fascinating and compelling information about the railway, particularly the political shenanigans that plagued its turbulent latter years. These are recounted by the author (Charlie Lewis), the Regional Engineer responsible for the line from 1981 to 1986 and also one of South Africa's most prolific photographers. The SOAR material has been edited by John Hunt, Dick Manton and John Middleton who have all spent a lot of time in South Africa and visited the line on many occasions. The text is complemented by a wide selection of over 350 photographs, many in colour and previously unpublished, with contributions from many of the world's leading railway photographers. The authors believe this new book will form THE definitive record of the Railway in its latter years.

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