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Railway Heritage in South Africa, 2013 

I have received this from Steam in Action (8th October 2013). As of this date, it has not appeared on their website so I am uploading it to mine. It will be of interest to anyone with an interest in steam in this country. The lists referred to are available to download at the end of the text. It must be added that these schedules contain information, besides the A, B and C lists, that are in fact work in progress and are not finalised. (note added 10th October 2013).

"Transnet Foundation have released the attached lists of steam locomotives and coaches which they envisage will come up for disposal and are inviting members to submit Expressions of Interest in respect of possibly acquiring these assets.

This is an opportunity for interested parties to either purchase a locomotive/coach or acquire them under a lend/lease agreement.

The locomotives are broken down into three categories being A, B and C.  There is a separate list for the rolling stock.

Category “A” - These locomotives have been identified as South African Heritage Objects by SAHRA (South African Heritage Resource Agency) and are to be preserved. While many of these are already in or are earmarked to go to the Transnet Museum or may be in the hands of Preservation Organisations already, applications can be made to either purchase or lend/lease these assets.

It must be noted that these locomotives may not leave South Africa and should a locomotive be purchased or provided under a lend/lease agreement the applicant will have to comply with the Heritage Act which lays down how a heritage asset must be dealt with. You are encouraged to make yourself familiar with the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No. 25 of 1999). Transnet will also have a set of criteria that need to be met. These criteria will be published at a later date.

Category “B” - These locomotives meet the SAHRA criteria for retention and are regarded as being either for preservation or for operational use by steam clubs or other interested parties and can be acquired by either purchasing the locomotive or applying for a lend/lease. Transnet will also have a set of criteria that need to be met in the event that the locomotives are acquired on lend/lease. These criteria will also be published at a later date.

Category “C” - This list of locomotives does not meet the SAHRA criteria or merit retention but are available for purchase or lend/lease. It is however advisable to refer to the category A and B list should a preservation organisation wish to purchase or lend/lease a locomotive. If no interest is shown in either purchasing or requesting an asset on lend/lease the locomotives in category “C” will be sold on auction.

Please note that there is no “A”, ”B” or “C” list for rolling stock (coaches, wagons or tank cars).  The list comprises of rolling stock to be retained for “historically significant” reasons and  for lending or purchase to steam clubs or other interested parties for either preservation or operational purposes.

Important notes.

Non HRASA members can send their EOI to Mr. Brian Murison at  

HRASA members are required to direct their EOI’s to HRASA only and not directly to the Transnet Foundation.

It should be noted that expressing an interest does not necessarily mean that an asset you are interested in will be allocated to you.

EOI’s should be sent by no later than the 15th of November 2013.

Transnet Foundation is in the process of identifying all steam locomotive components held in the various warehouses. A list will be made available to SIA and HRASA early in 2014.

Should you require any further information you can also contact Steam in Action on, (I believe the organisation is defunct)


Mike Myers

On behalf of Steam in Action"

Documents Attached (in XLSZ format):

Rob Dickinson