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Steam in Moscow, 2015-6

Parker Wilson was based in Moscow for some months from late 2016. Below he has provided some notes and photographs from his stay.

LV-0522 was the primary engine for most short trips in Moscow between September and December. It typically worked in a push-pull configuration with L-2344. It spent much of January in Kursk serving as a stationary boiler to provide the railroad shops with heating. In February it was transferred (temporarily?) to Saint Petersburg, where it is still based today.

P36 0120 worked nearly every weekend from September to December pulling the longer distance excursions. In February it was sent to Tikhoretsk for further restoration work. Not to be left without a P36 class locomotive, Saint Petersburg's newly restored P36-0027 arrived in Moscow straight from Tikhoretsk. It is currently in blue paint with a red stripe. As of July, P36 0120 is nearing completion and will soon return to Moscow.

The shop crew spent much of the fall and early winter working on two 9P locomotives at once. 9P-19489 from Saint Petersburg was converted from an oil burner to a coal burner during an extensive restoration. Moscow's own 9P-19499 also received significant attention.

Ь-2012, a very rare 0-6-0, was removed from its pedestal in Ryazan and arrived at Podmoskovnaya at the end of March.

SO17-3241 was pulled into the shops at the beginning of July to begin undergoing restoration. It will be converted from an oil burner to a coal burner. I believe it will remain in Moscow after completion since they don't currently have a working SO class locomotive.

I'm not sure if it's been shared on your site yet, but the territory of Podmoskovnaya is no longer completely open to the public, as it once was. A fence, ticket booth, and guard shack have all been added as part of the major restoration that took place last year. Currently the depot grounds are open from 10 to 5 on Wednesday through Sunday. Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Here are several more photos from this past autumn and winter in Moscow. 

Working on L-2344 in the roundhouse at Podmoskovnaya

Two E class locomotives in the roundhouse. I was told that these are typically only used during the warmer months.

LV-0522 on a weekend excursion run.

P36-0120 near the water tower at Podmoskovnaya

In early December, P36-0120 was used for night-time yard work.

L-3563 under steam at Podmoskovnaya.

As part of last year's extensive restoration of Podmoskovnaya Depot, the first engine stall was converted to a display show-room. Track No. 1 houses Locomotive ER-766-42 which has had its right side cut away to show how a steam locomotive works. Although some may decry the act of cutting apart a locomotive, ER class locomotives are still extremely common in Russia. There are still a large number of these rusting away in strategic reserves all across the country. Aside from the cut-away locomotive, the engine stall also has some model railroad stuff on display. 

Rob Dickinson