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Steam in Southern Russia, 2015

Richard Brown sent this list of news items (December 2015), see also his late January 2016 update. and May 2016 update.

UK citizens should note that while Tikhoretsk is not 'listed' by the Foreign Office unfortunately it recommends against travel to Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria and Ingushetia where many of the special trains run.

SU252-20 has been removed from display at Bataisk Station (16th December 2015) for restoration to working order at Tikhoretsk:

Cosmetically restored L-3155 will replace SU252-20 at Bataisk:

Four days later SU252-20 was towed to Tikhoretsk with L-4132 (from Rostov) and L-0074 (previously stored at Rostov Reserve Base and latterly at Morozovsk RB) 

by L-2055 (making its first appearance for six years) and L-0073:

The previous day, L-2055 and L-0073 had brought FD20-1679, SU250-64 & ER-739-99 from Tikhoretsk to Rostov Museum.

These are all, in theory, working locomotives, so this is presumably a temporary arrangement.

Russian Railways are now running steam hauled trains to Dagestan and Chechnya (!) from Rostov using LV-0233, P36-0218 and SU250-64:



Rob Dickinson