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Preserved Steam (and more) in Rostov-on-Don, Russia 2009

James Waite spent a weekend in Rostov at the beginning of November 2009, primarily to visit the children's railway which is one of only two in the country that still has a serviceable steam locomotive. However, the city has other steam attractions including two preserved narrow gauge locomotives and a small railway museum. Thomas Kautzor was here at the same time on a longer visit which also allowed him to ride one of the country's steam hauled Retro Trains.

If you enjoy quirky narrow gauge railways in general you'll enjoy Thomas Kautzor's other visits on the same trip:

For many years the children's railway was home to PT-4 class 0-8-0 no. Kch-4-101 which arrived new in 1949 and spent its whole working life there. It's now preserved in the forecourt of Rostov's main station, unfortunately in rather shabby condition and lacking its tender.

There's another of these locos in the city, once believed to be no. Kp-4-100 built by Chrzanow but now thought to be Kp-4-483, preserved in rather better condition and complete with its tender. It is at the Railway Engineering University (RGUPS, north of the centre of town) on Lenin Prospect, close to its junction with Ul. Sheboldaeva (not at the main university which is east of the centre). Getting into the university campus requires the production of a pass at a security point and may not be easy but the loco can readily be seen and photographed from the street. The no. 21 minibus goes there from the main station. It's thought that it may once have worked at Karaganda in Kazakhstan where there's a children's railway and that it arrived in Rostov in 1977.

By 2015 it had been repainted blue and mounted on a plinth.

Thomas Kautzor has provided the following information based on his own visit over the same weekend as James:

The Rostov Museum of Railway Transportation is open daily except Mondays 10:00-17:00. It's located in the western outskirts of Rostov next to Gnilovskaya halt (two stations by suburban train from the main station). The suburban trains only run infrequently. It's probably best reached by the no. 4 motorbus or the number 8 or 12 trolleybuses. They all leave from a small bus terminal next to the northern side of Rostov cathedral which can be reached from Rostov main station by the number 1 tram. You can't actually see the museum from the bus but get off when you see the large white church with the golden dome on the left side of the road which features in one of the pics of P36 218. I believe the museum was opened in 2005, mostly with stock previously stored at the RZD's North Caucasus Railway main workshops of Tikhorets. Its large collection includes the following items (aside from the locos used on the Retro-Train):


  • 0-6-0T 9P-320 (Muromsk 1949)
  • 0-10-0 EU-709-84 (Lugansk 3032/1930)
  • 0-10-0 EM-721-68 (Bryansk 1932)
  • 0-10-0 EM-729-29, unrestored
  • 0-10-0 ER-739-99 (Bryansk 1936)
  • 0-10-0 ER-750- 11 (Kolomna 1944)
  • 0-10-0 ER-762-78 (Resita 1085/1951)
  • 2-10-2 FD20-1562 (Lugansk 1937?), unrestored
  • 2-10-2 FD20-1679 (Lugansk 1937)
  • 2-10-0 L-0029 (Kolomna 1946), formerly used on Retro-Train (flat tyres);
  • 2-10-0 L-0073 (Kolomna 8475/1946), unrestored, 2006 ex Chir reserve (Volgograd)
  • 2-10-0 L-0270 (Kolomna 8672/1948)
  • 2-10-2 LV-0333 (Voroschilovgrad 16465/1956)
  • 4-8-4 P36-0218 (Kolomna 1956)
  • 2-10-0 SO17-2724 (UIU 1947)
  • 2-10-0 TE-322 (1942, ex DRB 52 322)
  • 2-10-0 YeA-3510 (Alco ?), this was acquired from Khabarovsk in Siberia in 2008, it is unrestored and falsely numbered EA-3510/EM-3596
  • 25-ton crane N. 276 (6+6W)
  • 45-ton crane N. 8 (4+4+4+4W)


  • M3/2 petrol loco
  • Mk/2-15-3400 petrol loco (Kaluzhskiy 1954)


  • 2x Co-Co DE TE3-6938 (Lugansk 1962)
  • Co-Co DE TEM1M-0078 (Bryansk 1959)
  • Co-Co DE TEP10-311 (Kharkov)
  • Co-Co DE TEP60-0845 (Kolomna 2070/1982?)
  • B DH TGK2-6970 (Kaluga)
  • AGMS-345 crane railcar
  • DMS-227 catenary repair railcar (Permskiy 1976)


  • Bo-Bo+Bo-Bo VL8-713 (Tbilisi 1963)
  • Co-Co VL22m-1119 (Novocherkassk 1954)
  • Bo-Bo VL41-073 (Dnepropetrovsk 1964)
  • Co-Co VL61D-012 (Novocherkassk 1957)
  • Bo-Bo+Bo-Bo VL80k-015 (Novocherkassk 1963)
  • Bo-Bo+Bo-Bo VL82-016 (Novocherkassk 1968)
  • Bo-Bo+Bo-Bo VL84-002 (Novocherkassk 1979, prototype)
  • Co-Co ChS4-029 (Skoda 5461/1966)
  • 3-car EMU ER22-29 (RVZ 1967)

The first four pictures are from James Waite who unfortunately had to look in from the outside on a bitterly cold autumnal Monday. This is P36 218:

This was the line up next to the P36, 2-10-2 FD20-1679 and 2-10-2 LV-0333 with 0-6-0T 9P-320 behind:

It was already bitterly cold and snowing as the next picture shows - it was time to leave for home:

Thomas was luckier, he visited on the Saturday when the museum was open and the weather much better!

2-10-0 YeA-3510 (Alco ?), this was acquired from Khabarovsk in Siberia in 2008, it is unrestored and falsely numbered EA-3510/EM-3596

2-10-0 L-0029 (Kolomna 1946)

0-10-0 EM-729-29

Diesel 2x Co-Co DE TE3-6938 and electric Co-Co VL22m-1119

Thomas has also added this information:

Other locos plinthed in Rostov Oblast include:

0-6-0ST bvn-9781 (Nevskii 1900?) at the Rostov Electric Loco Repair Depot (not freely accessible)

EG-4504 (without tender) at Taganrog-II station forecourt

ER-738-73 at Gokovgol coal mine, Gukovo

FD20-2109 (Lugansk) at Kamenolomni Depot

L-0002 (Kolomna 8404/1945) at Likhaya DK of the Railway Workers

SU252-20 (Sormovskii 3624/1949) at Bataysk station forecourt

VL22m-185 (Novocherkassk 1947?) at the Novocherkassk Electric Loco Works

Also, 2-10-2 FD20-1517 used as a stationary boiler at the Rostov Alkid plant (not freely accessible).

There are two locos plinthed at Krasnodar-I Depot, next to the station:

0-6-0T bk-2021 (Kolomna 1953/1897)

Co-Co DE TE3-2255 (1958), 1 section only

Other locos plinthed in Krasnodar Krai include:

0-6-0T 9P-14334 (Muromsk 14334/1953) at Novorossiysk depot

L-0239 at Kavkazkaya depot

SO17-12 (Kharkovsk 1935?, without tender) at Tikhoretsk station square (WWII memorial)

Su208-79 (possibly Su206-79) at Temyruk Military Hill museum

Su215-50 (Sormovo 3598/1949, ex Su251-94) at Timashevsk depot

This shows tram 105 (ex 114, ex 572), the only remaining Tatra T3SU at Rostov, which was restored for the 105th Anniversary of the tramway in 2007. It is being used as a driving class car.

Rob Dickinson