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The 764.211 project

I have been sent details by Michael Schneeberger (29th March 2005) of a project to restore Orenstein and Koppel steam locomotive 764.211 (built 1911) to active service on the rails of “CFF Viseu de Sus” in summer 2005. As of that date the project was still short of about 25 000 Euro out of the total cost of 70 000 Euro. See for more information. Swiss residents may send donations to the following bank, Schweiz: Verein „Hilfe für die Wassertalbahn/Rumänien“, Bern, 
Postkonto 30-386848-7, Reference "764.211". 

For EU residents,
Bank: LBBW Stuttgart (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg),
Kontoinhaber: Frank-Michael Lange
Bankleitzahl: 60050101
Konto-Nr.: 7449638926
IBAN: DE50 6005 0101 7449 6389 26
Reference "764.211“

Rob Dickinson