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Preserved Metre Gauge Steam in Portugal

Trevor Heath has sent the following pictures taken on a September 2007 visit to the country:

Preserved Mallet at Vila Real plinthed alongside the station approach road  (E 169, Henschel 8916/1908). It's one of 10 engines of this class most of which ran until the late 70's and some were still in use until about 1984 on freight on the Tamega line, the last working steam in Portugal.  They spent most of their working careers on the Porto metre gauge system.  E169 moved to the Tua line in 1976 when the Porto system was dieselised and the class ended up there or in the Tamega line.  E169 was withdrawn in 1983 and has been at Vila Real since then.  It's restored as Minho-Douro 409.

Line up of 'stored' locos at Regua

E1 at Regua (Henschel 19339/1922).  The CP acquired it second hand from Leixoes docks in about 1943.  It was originally a 900mm gauge loco and was presumably converted to metre gauge as a pat of the 1930 gauge conversion.

Broad gauge 2-8-4T 0187 at Regua, it's still supposed to be a working loco in the summer but the tourist trains are very often diesel-worked because of the fire risk.

Mallet E214 at Regua, (Henschel 19877/1923) allegedly a working locomotive like 0187, but you'll do well to see it in steam these days.

Rob Dickinson