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Puerto Eten Railway Museum

Puerto Eten features in the legendary "World of South American Steam". A little news of its current status surfaces from time to time...

See Robert Whetham's 2005 report for an update and picture which confirms Ian Thompson's pessimism.

Ian Thomson (2nd June 2001) then added "I have been told that the Mayor of Puerto Eten has got working a couple of the locomotives from the local museum, from the wharf/sugar railway which closed completely around 25 years ago. I must say I find this a bit hard to believe, due to the very corroded condition they were all in when I last saw them a few years ago. But the source was reliable!

Ian Thomson (25th November 1998) reported:

I was in Puerto Eten a few days ago, for the first time in ten years. The entrance to the old locomotive depot now has a sign saying "Museo Ferroviario" stuck above it. The locomotive collection has not changed since 1988, i.e.:

2 Rogers 1870 4-4-0
4 Rogers 1890 0-4-2
5 Rogers 1891 0-4-2ST
7 Baldwin 1903 0-4-2ST
8 Baldwin 1910 4-4-0
9 Baldwin 1913 0-4-2ST

A roof has been placed over the depot. An attempt was made to make the engines more presentable by painting them green, but they are all in a shabby state and are suffering badly from the salty air. All but No. 7 have lost their smokebox doors.

The remains of a (probably internal service) petrol powered railcar are on show in the compound, also under cover. In another shed, under cover as well, is a largely complete (probably public service) railbus.

The equipment in the best condition is a set of three wooden-bodied, and wooden framed, carriages. The salty air does not damage wood as much as it does metal. The bogies are marked "Puerto Eten 1906". These are also under cover in another part of the yard.

Rob Dickinson