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Steam Survivors in Northern Peru, June 2005

This report is from Robert Whetham - see also Glyn Dawson's later report which identifies some other survivors.

He writes "I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who could positively identify the manufacturer of the Pomalca 0-4-0T+T. It was out of service when I first saw it in 1967 and has survived surprisingly well. Not so the roster of Eten locomotives which were still in service at the same time. Jorge Cox has a small museum at Chiclin (near Trujillo), and is currently restoring the Alco 0-6-0ST+T. In addition to the locomotive, he also has a very interesting display of archaeological artefacts which are well worth the visit."

Hacienda Pomalca 700mm
#7 0-4-0T+T [Couillet ?] 
Displayed in fairly good condition beside the highway in front of the mill.

FC y Muelle de Eten 1440mm
#2 4-4-0 Rogers 1870 CHICLAYO
#4 0-4-2 1889
#5 0-4-0ST 1871 (see photo below)
#7 0-4-0ST Baldwin 1903
#8 4-4-0 1910 
All stored in derelict condition inside the remains of the old engine house at Pto. Eten

Hacienda Cayalti 610mm 
#5 0-4-2T+T Fowler EM PRYOR
Displayed in fair/poor condition in the town square at Hda. Cayalti.

FC Pacasmayo, Guadalupe y Yonan 1440mm
? 0-4-0WT Beyer Peacock ex-FCC
? 0-4-0WT
Derelict inside the station compound at Pacasmayo. The remains of an eight wheel railcar trailer (Walkers?) alongside the highway south of the San Pedro de Lloc station.

Pto. Chicama 914mm
0-4-0T Hanomag 1921 ex-Casa Grande #1
0-4-0T O&K 1924 #2
#441 4w d/m Ruhrthaler
The two steam locomotives were in good condition until removed from the engine house a couple of years ago. Now badly rusted and missing all brass parts. Ruhrthaler #441 is also stored outside. The other three Ruhrthalers are inside the engine house and may still be operational. At least one was in use on the pier in 2003. 

Chiquitoy 914mm 
0-4-0T+T Baldwin 1902 ex-Hda Cartavio #5
Rusted out shell is perched on top of a huaca (pre-Inca burial mound). 

Chiclin 914mm
#2 0-6-0T+T Alco-Cooke 1915 museum of J Cox
Under restoration.

Pto. Salaverry
A German built 0-6-0T is displayed inside the port compound but visible from the road outside. Appears to be ex-FC de Trujillo No. 2. 

Chimbote 914mm
#20 2-8-0 Baldwin
Displayed at a landscape nursery (Vivero Forestal) at the north end of town. Missing a number of parts.

Other Sites.

Hacienda Casa Grande
Not seen personally, but Mr. Jorge Cox who operates a museum at nearby Chiclin showed recent photos of a Plymouth 6 wheel d/m and Baldwin 0-4-4ST No. 8 which had been stored for a number of years at Pt. Chicama.

Hacienda Paramonga 
Have been told a locomotive is displayed inside the mill compound but permission is needed to enter the site so unable to confirm.

Hacienda Laredo
Unconfirmed report of a locomotive inside the mill yard. Guard denied its existence but may just have been attempting to discourage further enquiries. 

Rob Dickinson