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This page summarises snippets of information passed to me since the 1997... Some may appear on other general reports on this site!

Dale Brown (1st January 2003) "Both the Mayor of Surco and Henry Posner III of RDC, have been discussing the development of a small train museum on the Central of Peru (Ferrovia Central Andina) in Huancayo. Mr Posner would like to acquire some of the Puerto Eten locomotives and move the best one, a Rogers 1878, to Huancayo. D'Argent would like to exchange one of the older Puerto Eten locomotives for the narrow gauge 2-8-2 at Battery Reducto Park in Miraflores for one of the standard gauge locomotives. The 2-8-2 would go to Huancayo for display on the H&H. There is many political red tape hurdles to overcome in Peru before this can happen. The National Institute of Culture holds some kind of control over the fate or ownership of these locomotives. There are many other locomotives on display along the Pan American Highway or stored behind gates somewhere. Overall in Peru, many historical railroad sites and equipment have disappeared forever."

Dale Brown (19th September 2001) "Cusco and Santa Ana Railroad narrow gauge steam locomotive Henschel # 123 a 2-8-2 is on display in Urpicha park in Cusco."

Dale Brown (2nd September 2000): "A former three foot gauge Cusco and Santa Anna Railroad 2-8-2 #102 is displayed in the Miraflores Park in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. However there is evidence that this might be made up of several different narrow gauge engines. Also at one time a steamer was on display at Hotel Bar in Lima. I do not know if anyone from the TUT Tour found out the fate of this locomotive."

Ian adds (29th January 2000) "I can confirm that the "Andes" type 2-8-0 displayed in La Oroya is as stated. It seems to be in very good condition, and retains all its cab controls, including gauges and the like, and all bronze and brass parts. It was last used on 28th July 1979. I was told it has boiler tube problems, which could no doubt be solved were one day an attempt be made to restore it to active service."

Dale Brown was on the TUT Peru trip (added 4th October 1999). "Also a 2-8-0 #252 is on the Southern Peru line. Since this line is being taken over by the Orient Express they did an inspection of the Peru Southern and the Cusco and Santa Anna lines this month and #252 is of interest to them. Also a 0-4-0T was brought out at the shops in Arequipa. It is #1 the Mollando. A 0-6-0T is in the roundhouse out of service. The Orient Express management wants to find other serviceable steam locomotives for the Peru Southern."

Ian Thomson added (3rd April 1999) "Henry Posner III has emailed saying that there is a locomotive numbered 78 plinthed at Cerro de Pasco. This presumably must be F.C. Cerro de Pasco No. 78. This would make it Andes 2-8-0 BP 7779/1957, which was the last steam locomotive acquired by Cerro de Pasco, the last steam locomotive acquired by any company in Perú and the last non-Garratt steam locomotive built by Beyer, Peacock." 

Back in 1998, TUT reported: "Ferrocarril Tacna & Arica No. 93, a Alco 2-8-0 built in 1914 will be rebuilt and ready to pull railfan charters between Tacna, Peru and Arica, Chile by early 1999. Trains Unlimited, Tours is having the classic Alco rebuilt and will charter her to Arica and return on August 26, 1999. " I am not sure whether this happened as there was no mention in the brief trip report I read. Dale Brown (19th September 2001) added that this railway had by then been closed by the government.... 

Rob Dickinson