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Sapucay Railway Workshops in Paraguay

This page covers reports from recent visitors

Neil Edwards was here with a tour group in August 2009 and reports on his visit (23rd August 2009):

For pictures of the machinery at Sapucay Works, see the links to Paraguay in my working stationary steam engine site (added 25th January 2007).

Darrien Welsby reports (25th January 2007) " At Sapucay, the locomotive workshop is still manned by 10 permanent staff who are employed to carry out maintenance on the remaining fleet (at Asuncion and Encarnacion) and take care of the complex. Only locomotive 151 is operational and is only lit up on special occasions. All other locos (152, 53, 2, 3? & 5) are scattered around the area in various states of decay. The workshop boilers, stationary steam engines and foundry are all operational, however were not running on the day of my visit." 

Henry Posner III has forwarded me (2nd September 2005) a report in Latinriels Newsletter #273 which  says that the line from Aregua to Sapucay will be repaired so that the train can serve tourists staying at resorts at Sepucai. Several stations (Patiño, Ypacarai, Pirayu, Cerro León, Paraguari, Escobar and Sapucai) will be refurbished. Thanks as ever to Roland Beier for assistance as my Spanish is almost as bad as my Chinese!

Ros Mason adds some first hand observations (5th November 2004):

A recent visit to Paraguay was inspired by your site so I want to report back the following news:

Sapucay Works visited 30th October 2004:
Present 2 - 5 - 5 - 102 - 83 and ?52?, 152 and 151 - the last now overhauled and named Encarnación at Sapucai Works.
Worth $45 for a return taxi Aregua to Sapucai to see 151!

Rob Dickinson