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Preserved Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives in Pakistan

Report and video frames by Charan Singh Kundi (one-time E.A.R. steam driver) from a visit 1st - 8th October 2004, edited by Nick Lera. 

PLINTHED LOCOS (all in perfect external condition)

Lahore Station forecourt: ZB 2-6-2 #205 Hanomag 10761/32
Outside Railway HQ building, Lahore, G 2-8-2 #57 NB 21083/15

Rawalpindi Station forecourt: ZB 2-6-2 #203, Hanomag 10759/32

In front of Railway Booking Office, town centre, Peshawar, ZB 2-6-2 #206 Han 10762/32
(not at station),


At Golra Sharif station, 14km from Rawalpindi, junction for Kundian line.

A complete 2' 6" gauge train in newly restored condition is displayed on wide island platform, a loco facing outwards at each end, as follows:
G/S 2-8-2 #64 NB 22768/21

Inspection Car
First Class bogie NWR #78
Brake/Postal Composite, postal half in red livery, remainder PR cream & green.
NWR bogie freight van, yellow livery
Inspection bogie, dark green livery.
Brake van, NW 2063 (plate: V, IRS 1926)
Horse box #562 with groom compt. 2 axle, cream and green PR livery.
ZB 2-6-2 #207 Hanomag 10763/32, oil fired 

Other items displayed separately include b.g. James Donald, Glasgow, hand crane #612, yellow livery, and m.g. ex-Jodhpur Rly maharajah bogie saloon, cream livery.

There are unconfirmed reports of regular Sunday b.g. steam excursions Rawalpindi - Golra, possibly with CWD 2-8-2.

These sightings were made in the course of a family holiday trip, so are not comprehensive. There may be more to be seen elsewhere. (For example, I saw  preserved ng loco G 2-8-2 #54 Nasmyth Wilson 1021/13 at Lahore Railway Golf Course in 1992, but I do not know whether it is still there. RD). 

Details of small items at Golra can be found on

Rob Dickinson