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”Tertitten” - The Urskog-Hølandsbanen Railway in the Snow, December 2010

James Waite originally reported on this line in 2007. He was back for one of their winter weekends, the photographic results speak for themselves. The show will hopefully be repeated on December 19th and 31st 2010. (Chris Yapp was here in August 2013.)

"As promised here are some photos from the 75cm gauge Tertitten line near Oslo two days ago. A rare treat of snow, steam and sunshine! Oddly I seemed to be the only gricer there. Got back home around midnight. The loco is 2-6-2T no. 7 "Prydz", Henschel 28463/1950, the last steam loco built for use in Norway. It was certainly a magical day and a photographic paradise!"



See also the railway's official website:

Rob Dickinson