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Steam Relics in Nigeria 2013-4

This report covers comes from 'my man in Nigeria':

Lagos (Ebute Metta Junction)

No 174 still at Running shed but now further deteriorated, otherwise complete

No 211 in old Carriage Shed (designated as museum) no further loss of parts from that seen in 2007

No 217 as above

All above are Oil fired locos and from later batches

Enugu Works

No 104 (Coal fired) located at the running shed and reasonably complete. Its marked for scrapping following the Tender last year. Being an early machine it can be argued that it should be retained.

No 5 (Bagnall 1928) is also still complete ‘plinthed’ under its canopy.

No X? Another later build River was seen at the end of the Works, there may also have been yet another inside the shed behind it. Looked quite complete including headlamp.

I was amused to see the water Column at Enugu – complete with bag and obviously still connected from the spurt of water emanating from the valve - Steam finished late seventies!

Group photo shows three generations of British built traction: 1950s ‘River’, 1920s 0-6-0T and 1977 Brush 0-6-0DE

This is inside Enugu North Box

Enugu Steam Running shed

There is a very interesting collection of photos taken at Enugu Steam shed some while ago (though dated October 2012, they are clearly from back in the 80s or earlier) but the scene which greeted us was wholly different and quite extraordinary – I have never seen something like this – akin to an ‘elephants graveyard’ up to 7 locos had been cut here and in most cases the cylinder blocks had simply been abandoned where they fell after all the other more easily removed and valuable materials had been removed.

Port Harcourt

No? – I have not seen any previous references to this loco, which is a later batch loco (coal fired) apart from missing cylinder covers and being engulfed in soil and undergrowth, it is largely complete.

Rob Dickinson