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Steam Locos for Sale in Nepal

Mahesh Rimal, Himalayan Aviation, Kathmandu, Nepal., Tel:009-771-223089, Fax:009-771-257956 Email (email not valid by April 2015) advises me that nine remaining 2ft 6in gauge steam locomotives from the Janakpur are still for sale. Potential buyers might care to contact him and he will advise on the ways of the Nepalese Government department responsible for this. He has sent the following pictures: He has now sent target prices for the locos (21st August 2001):

1. Krishna USD 20,000.00
2. Chandra USD 21,000.00
3. Gorakhnath USD 24,000.00
4. Cot Boiler(A) USD 16,000.00
5. Cot Boiler(B) USD 16,000.00
6. Surya USD 22,600.00
7. Sita USD 17,500.00
8. Pashupati or Gujeshwory USD 17,500.00
9. Rama USD 17,500.00
10. Small Diesel Engine USD 8,000.00

Owing to space limitations on my server, the images from this report have been removed (15th June 2004). 

Rob Dickinson