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Steam in Mozambique 1998

Olaf GŁttler has sent me this brief review of steam activity in Mozambique which refers to June 1998.

"There is still some active steam on the line from Quelimane to Mocuba. Two Baldwin locomotives are active - if they are not under repair. Passenger services finished some years back, but 409 runs infrequent goods trains, sometimes there is no activity for a month or so because the track gets damaged during the rainy season (November - May).

409 at Namacurra, June 1998

409 at Namacurra, June 1998

Both 'active' locos at Xai Xai (05 and 06) are under repair, the station master hoped that the weekly mixed train will be running again in October. See Paul Ash's historical report.

The line from Inhambane to Inharrime closed in 1993, but there is considerable activity in the shed, two locos are under repair and it's planned to restart a service to Jangamo about 30km from Inhambane.  The track would be too light for the two bigger locos in the shed.  One of them did run for a film crew for about 5km recently."

Fascinating and more news would be very welcome!

Rob Dickinson