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Madeira-Mamoré Railway in the 21st Century

For some years Martin Cooper ran the Madeira-Mamoré Railway Society (MMRS) although it closed in 2009.

A story by Louise Sherwood was run on the BBC website in November 2010 detailing the progress being made in Porto Velho to preserve a small part of what was once a 366km railway through the Amazon jungle:

Given that such items tend to be ephemeral in nature, I have abstracted it to this site.

The logo of the Society (background) was from a line drawing of 1911 by Meade Bolton (the architect of the Panama Canal).

Loco 50 is a long shot from the Porto Velho station platform. Loco 50 is a Schwartzkopff and has a Brush (Loughborough) carriage in tow. The carriage nearest the camera is an unidentified vehicle, probably Brazil built in 1930.

efmm01.jpg (32418 bytes)

EFMM Loco 18 is the beast itself on shed, the only remaining loco in operation. ("shed" is a bit of a joke, as you can see the walls have fallen off and the roof leaks)

efmm01.jpg (32418 bytes)

A shot from the three carriage set hauled by loco 18, also a Schwartzkopff from Berlin, at km 1 from Porto Velho station.

efmm01.jpg (32418 bytes)

20 is a Baldwin at the other end of the line, at a town called Guajara-Mirim. It's not in working order.

efmm01.jpg (32418 bytes)

Rob Dickinson