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Mauritius Railway Relics 2008

Matthew Coomber lives on the island and he has a vast archive of material which goes much further than is shown here, check out (added 21st October 2019).

Dean Sullivan visited Mauritius and managed to photograph the following relics of the Mauritius Railway - a wonderful institution, the book 'Steam in Africa' has some wonderful pictures in it. For a comprehensive 2012 update, see Thomas Kautzor's report.

What looks like the remains of a railway bridge and part of the permanent way at Bel Ombre Sugar Factory. The bridge is too narrow to be a road and small amounts of railway ballast are apparent on the approaches to the bridge.

Two railway carriages 'under repair/restoration' at the Historical and Naval Museum of Mahebourg (0700 & 0705)

The second carriage was only noticeable after we visited the toilet! The interior of this one is shown (0706)

Railway buildings are still much in evidence. Sadly I cannot find a detailed map of the old lines. Took a close look at the old railway alignment through Quatre Bornes. The site of the former station is now turned over to a bus station (as is Rose Hill). Much of the track alignment North is still evident. Unfortunately the track south of Quatre Bornes is only partly evident and stops completely, the line blocked by a development. I could find no evidence of the track beyond here although I suspect a back road between QB & Vacoa now follows this route. The road network around Vacoa is very evidently old railway alignment. 

I am going back in August so may seek out some more railway infrastructure.

Rob Dickinson