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In Search of Real Working Steam 2011 - 2020

All of you armchair gricers and those who have visited or wish they had visited the last few real working steam lines in the world may be interested in what John Raby's Linesiding Tours got up to in the last 10 years.

As a lockdown project, I've documented the first 10 years of Linesiding Tours from 2011 until 2020 (although effectively 2011 - 2019) starting from Shibanxi, China in 2011 and ending (so far) in Romania in 2019. Along the way, we saw the last trains at Rongshan, the disastrous reduction in steam use in Java, the decline at Sandaoling and the last conventional industrial steam in Europe both standard and narrow gauge in Bosnia (which still survives).

If you would like to look at decent photos of steam and other traction, standard and narrow gauge taken in Bosnia, China, Java Indonesia and Romania over the last 10 years, two e-Books are available to download. And, here's the good part, the downloads are free if you pledge to help a heritage railway of your choice survive the Corona virus.

All you have to do is email with your pledge to support a heritage railway and you will receive links to 2 x 100 page plus e-Books Linesiding Tours Part 1 2011-2015 and Part 2 2016-2020 (view as pdf).

This is something to enjoy during lockdown.

Class 33 kriegslok 33-248 at Lukavac on 19th September 2014 C2 Nos. 211 & 219 at Rongshan 8th November 2014 SY at Fuxin on 30th September 2011
Old steam engine shed at Jatiroto on 13th August 2015 No. 4 at Olean on 5th August 2017 764.431 ‘Bucovina' at Moldovita on 15th August 2019

Rob Dickinson