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3020, On line August 2010

Geoff Warren reports on an excursion with 3020 on 29th August 2010:

The excursion took place and 3020 performed well. The destination was changed from Limuru to Athi River.

3020 left the workshops at 11:20 and the train was formed up in Nairobi station, consisting of 3020, water tank, restaurant car 4901, three Kalmar (Swedish) TCBs and a bogie BV. The train propelled up the Nakuru line to Mawenzi Gardens, the restaurant of the tour promoter. Passengers boarded and the train departed at 14:12. TV reporters were on board to report the happy atmosphere. A buffet of excellent quality was available on board. There was some delay caused by crossing an Up freight at Embakasi. Athi River was reached at 16:08.

After run-round, departure was at 17:59. Boiler pressure remained above 150 psi on the climb from Athi River. A short delay occurred caused by a certain British railfan's request for a personal photo stop just before Marimbeti. While the train crew and 3020 coped perfectly on the uphill restart, the weather did not, being overcast all day. Maurice Barasa look very happy gazing into the firebox in the gathering dusk. Nairobi was reached at 19:34, where I got down, and the train headed to Mawenzi Gardens at 19:40.

This kind of family oriented excursion is, in my opinion, the sort of thing needed to keep steam active. We all enjoyed it.

Rob Dickinson