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Java Sugar Steam 2022 - The Saga Continues

I used to have a page that summarised annual activity, the last one was the 2015 Mill Index.

After that there was so little activity it was covered in the Indonesian section of my Asia (East) index page.

It had been thought thought that when Purwodadi retired its last working conventional steam locomotive at the end of the 2020 season, that represented 'the end'. However, in August 2022, videos on YouTube showed Rejosari's jackshaft locomotive #10 'Salak' working empties at the mill, an assumed temporary measure:

Now Peter Haworth has visited the Madiun area on 1st September 2022 and reports:

"Steam is back on in Java at Purwodadi. The tractor is still in use at the yard and pushes wagons around the yard and over the level crossing on some days, but they also use a diesel and steam locomotive #16. In the shed are three other locomotives. 14 is being stripped for restoration. 10 and 15 look very complete and can be used, but for the moment #16 is enough for them to keep running."

While in the area he also visited Pagottan:

"Pagottan also still has three serviceable fireless Luttermöller 0-10-0’s. They have all been repainted from orange to green. Two were in use (#6 and #8) and the third one (#7) was out of action due to problems with the main steam supply. The crew said I was lucky to see the other two running at all."

Peter adds "I’ve been told a couple of other mills may start up steam again – Olean being one, can’t remember the other." Local YouTube videos from 2022 show Olean mill closed but diesel hauled field trains bringing cane for transfer to Panji mill.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson