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Java 2002 - Perhutani Bojonegoro

Since this article was posted, the external system has been closed, I am not sure if the yard is still in use. RD

One of the lesser publicised industrial railways in Java is that of the teak forest at Bojonegoro. It has been known for a long time, but few people have visited because it is 100% diesel and has been for a very long time. Like the better known railway at Cepu it has a gauge of 3ft 6in (1067mm) but unlike Cepu it still runs ordinary trains. The roster consists of 11 diesels (Ruston 1952 and Diema 1969) of which I found 5 in the shed and yard on 26th June 2002, the rest being out and about. The staff were very co-operative and told me there are only about 30km of the system left in use which will probably close in the next year or two. If you want to ride one of the trains, note that the system is immediately south of Bojonegoro station (the entrance is actually across the level crossing to the west) and that trains apparently go out about 05.30 (probably weekdays only although I didn't ask). It would make sense to visit the day before to get clearance to travel.

The first loco is a Ruston, the second a Diema.

Bojonegoro diesel

Bojonegoro diesel

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson