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Steam in Italy 2021 / 2022

Usina Della Morte has sent this list which updates previous information published on this website.

He writes:

I hope I can contribute a little bit with the following information about Italy, where I think the current information doesn't do it justice. The following engines have been steam in 2021/2022. (2022 unless indicated otherwise)

625.017 ran on 2nd October on the reopening of the Asti-Chivasso line and in spring on the Porrettana line

625.116 was supposed to run Lunio-Erstfeld over the Gotthard pass together with 50 3673 of the Associazione Verbano Express (postponed to spring 2023, probably rather due to a unexpected and sudden policy change for special trains on the Swiss Railway Network than to failure of the engines)

640.003 ran on 9th October Milano-Lecco and 25th September Milano-Laveno

640.143 ran on 24th October 2021 to Besana in Brianza

685.089 ran on 24th April to Besana in Brianza

740 409 ran on 15th May Milano-Laveno and on 30th May Milano-Luino

740.423 ran on 9th October in Tuscany

880.001 belongs to SocietÓ Veneta Ferrovie and was in steam during their open days on 8th/9th October

940.041 ran to Luino on 30th May

FCL 353 was very much alive on 18th April (Easter Monday) 

I have seen five (50.3673, 625.116, 740.409, 940.041 and FCL 353) of the engines this year, there are pictures of them below:

50.3673 Luino VA

625.116 Luino VA

740.409 Germignaga VA

940.041 Germignaga VA

FCL 353 Camigliatello Silano

FCL 353 San Nicola-Silvana Mansio

Rob Dickinson