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The Ooty Rack Line 2015

Clive Hepworth reports on his visit, 5th/6th February 2015:

I visited Coonoor having sought and been granted permission to visit and take photos in the shed and station areas.

YDM4s in operation were 6414, 6724 and 6730 with 6664 in the workshop at the back of the running shed.

Of the X class steam locomotives, those working were 37399 on a works train on 5th February, when engineering work at Kateri Rd. meant that the through Mettupalaiyam to Ooty service was cancelled. The following day, 6th February 37398 worked the upward rack section of the through service. Amazing to see two steam locos with a combined age of 3 years operating in the 21st Century!

On shed were 37392 and 37396, both receiving light repairs and were in light steam for testing on 6th February. 37386 was in the shed cold with 37397 which was undergoing heavier repairs in the shed workshops. The last coal burner 37384 was on the road alongside the shed and looked as though it hadn't worked for some time.

37390 remains plinthed at the station entrance.

The information board at the shed entrance.

The last active coal burner 37384, on Coonoor shed:

37399 at Glendale viaduct returning to Mettupalaiyam with the works train.

 37398 on the Mettupalaiyam to Ooty service at Glendale and coming on shed for servicing after coming off the train at Coonoor.

37392 and 37398 in the shed yard on February 6th.

Rob Dickinson