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Alwar Steam Express 2014

Stuart Kean reports

On 13th/14th December 2014 I travelled on the Steam Express to Alwar and return. The train was hauled by WP 7161.

On arrival at Alwar we were taken to the Tigers Den, a Government hotel at the edge of the Sariska National Park. An early morning foray into the park failed to find any tiger, but deer, antelope and samba abounded and the experience of sneaking through the forest in almost absolute quiet was worth having in itself!!

Back to Alwar at about lunch time for an afternoon return to Delhi Cantonment Station.

For an enthusiast the experience of travelling behind a WP loco on the extremely busy main line is well worthwhile. The coaches are very comfortable with the rear having a full width observation compartment, and meals were provided on the train. The loco crew was very cooperative.

The one downside was that the train attracted a large number of observers when it stopped anywhere, making photos a little difficult. I was able to get some at Delhi Cantonment Station where the crowd was not too thick..And of course being on the train means that linesiding is impossible.

One alternative is to travel to Rewari and return on a regular train. This allows one to visit the loco shed at Rewari,and return to Delhi on the same day, but on the Saturday when no loco is steamed at Rewari. One could also travel on the steam train to Rewari, spend the Saturday evening and Sunday morning at Rewari, and return on the steam train on Sunday afternoon. But the full package must be paid for for this. (This is wrong RD - see below)

I left the train at Rewari on the return leg on Sunday 14 December with a view to spending Monday at the Loco Shed.

The Loco Shed is no more or less what it purports to be: a functioning steam loco shed in 2014! They now have about ten locos, details of which can be seen on their website - (link broken by 25th October 2016).

They also undertake the regular maintenance on the loco allocated to the Steam Express. additionally, each Sunday a loco is steamed and run up and down inside the shed. There is no charge for entry and one can wander around and enjoy the ambience of a loco shed that looks and smells like it should. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, the operation of the steam train on Saturday and Sunday means that you cannot see the operating loco in the shed if you have taken the Steam Express. I was fortunate in that the ex EIR locomotive "Fairy Queen" was in steam on the Monday.

The following website gives the costs and running days for the Steam Express:

Some people have managed to book on line but I was not able to make it work. However, Mr Sumit Sharma of Real India Journeys ( but the site is dead in May 2023)  booked my ticket, arranged a hotel in Rewari, and a return train to Delhi.

The website quoted above indicates that you can take only part of the package:

Options Price Per Pax (Adult) Child
Full Package Delhi-Alwar-Rewari-Alwar-Delhi INR 12,375/- INR 6,325/-
One-way train journey between Delhi & Alwar + sightseeing/stay at Sariska INR 8,965/- INR 4,620/-
One-way train journey between Delhi & Alwar only INR 3,795/- INR 2,035/-
Two-way train journey between Delhi & Alwar & back INR 7,315/- INR 3,795/-
One-Way train journey between Delhi & Rewari INR 2,245/- INR 1,260/-
One-Way train journey between Rewari & Alwar INR 2,275/- INR 1,275/-
One-Way train journey between Alwar & Delhi INR 3,795/- INR 2,035/-
One-Way train journey between Alwar & Rewari INR 2,275/- INR 1,275/-
One-Way train journey between Rewari & Delhi INR 2,245/- INR 1,260/

Click the thumbnails for a larger picture:

WP 7161 Akbar ready to leave The view ahead
WP 7161 Akbar ready to leave Fairy Queen on the Monday
Cabside view with driver. Restored Baldwin AWE
Another express runs in XE 3634
The locals find the loco irresistible Water column
Inside the spacious coaches Inside the spacious shed
The hungry firebox Steam under repair

Rob Dickinson